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We have always guided the overall situation with enterprise values, and in accordance with the service standard of "respect, modesty, professionalism, sincerity and efficiency", we will continue to provide consumers with green, natural, high-quality and efficient products, and beautify a beautiful, healthy and beautiful living environment

technologies such as formaldehyde removal, benzene removal, plant sterilization and mold prevention of desert oasis paint have won national invention patents (Patent No.: 201110124383.x; 201210412451.7). The formaldehyde removal rate is as high as 96.3%, and the validity period is as long as 20 years. The company has won many honors, such as national high-tech enterprise, top ten brands of Chinese coatings, Chinese well-known trademark, ISO9001 certification, ISO14001 certification, ten ring certification, 3C certification, etc., and has joined hands with CCTV channel to promote the brand for six consecutive years. The construction of physical stores and online stores is the common choice of more than 3000 dealers across the country. The first order of 2000 yuan is ready for trial sale!!!!! Welcome to call us for consultation and investigation

desert oasis coating Co., Ltd. recently developed and launched some functional new products, which are environmentally friendly and green: one day clean flavor wood paint, anti-seepage and crack resistance: integrated waterproof paint, plant mold prevention: clean flavor mold proof antibacterial wall paint. The products have been officially launched. Welcome to consult and order

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