Bar decoration knowledge allows you to enjoy life

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In modern leisure life, building a small bar at home, listening to melodious music in leisure time and enjoying a comfortable life in leisure time are the highest realm of many urbanites who pursue a sense of modernity. Whether the room is big or small, the bar always brings a little fashion and novelty. Wuhan home decoration network Xiaobian tells you the precautions of bar decoration, so that the bar can add interest to your life. First, the decoration design should be carried out according to the lifestyle of the family, as well as the host's dining habits, leisure and entertainment, housing space and other conditions; Second, integrate the owner's preferences and personality; Third, it should also match the overall style of the home. Many times, the bar is an extension of the restaurant, or in the corner of the living room, and "bar counter, bar chair, bar cabinet" are common furnishings. What is the real function of the bar? How can the bar be designed to really meet the requirements of the owner, free flowing and uninhibited. Between Qingming and Tongtou, sing to wine and talk about life with a smile. Function and atmosphere become the biggest highlight of this case. The wine cabinet has become a corner of the garden, and the moving easy scene has become a reality in the flowing clarity. Some bars are designed as barriers in the middle of the room. If the bar is avant-garde and fashionable, it will be the highlight of the whole room design. First of all, as a part of the functional area, the bar separates the open kitchen and restaurant in space, and the top hanging metal wine rack also adds a beautiful scenery to the interior. Secondly, the bar itself is made of glass bricks, and the metal countertop brings a simple and lively style. In the overall white tone environment, the blue light emitted by the bar cabinet looks charming and moving. The design of small family bar. Due to the high housing price in modern times, many people buy a house by carefully calculating the population, so the space of the house is very limited. In order to avoid congestion, a well-designed bar naturally separates two independent spaces, the restaurant and the living room. The whole space becomes vivid and interesting. The linear elements in the aesthetic space have been incisively and vividly expressed here. The mixed oil lines of mixed colors are wrapped in dark wood, and the fashion flavor came into being. The contrast between straight lines and horizontal lines complement each other




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