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Fashion and romance are the pursuit concepts of petty bourgeoisie home decoration. How to make tiles fashionable? It becomes simple through a few tips

fashion and romance are the pursuit concepts of petty bourgeoisie home decoration. How to make tiles fashionable? It becomes simple through a few tips

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the first is material selection. Tiles have a variety of materials, including glazed tiles, full body tiles, polished tiles, vitrified tiles, and mosaic. Among them, mosaic is easy to decorate in the small bathroom space to set off the atmosphere because of its small size and colorful. Among them, glass mosaic is the most eye-catching. In the kitchen, living room and other large public spaces, the first choice is matte glazed tiles, which can be made “ Fashion ” The effect of. At present, many brands have matte glazed tiles with rich colors for consumers to choose from. Generally, women will like some transparent colors, such as the light of the Spanish series of Zhengzhong building materials or the gorgeous fruit of baideli, while men love the implicit fashion sense of Omega antique series, with a strong Italian style

secondly, it depends on the embellishment of colored tiles. We often see that the effect of Meilun Meihuan in the model room is often made up of several tiles with novel creativity and good temperament. In this regard, we have to mention imported ceramic tiles. European tiles are mostly created by different designers with different style series, and most of the imported brands sell each style in limited quantities. Tile is not only a ceramic tile, but also an atmosphere of art

it is more important to have ceramic tiles “ Decoration ” The idea of. A piece of wall tiles looks very beautiful alone: the background color is simple and the pattern is bright. But after repeatedly paving a wall, it is often dazzling, disorganized, and the visual impact is too intense. Therefore, the selection of ceramic tiles should also be reported “ Decoration ” Starting point. Consumers can either refer to the business model with molding legend to imitate, or choose to let the business give professional advice and consultation according to your creativity. More and more businesses provide such consulting services

finally, we should also consider whether the ceramic tile fashion is compatible with your overall home fashion, and whether it has your distinctive personality. As long as we get rid of the old tradition of blindly purchasing ceramic tiles, “ Ceramic tiles are also fashionable ” Consumers only need to spend a little time browsing more illustrations and consulting collocations, and make more efforts in design and overall coordination

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