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since the birth of integrated wall, the development of integrated wall in the building materials industry has been at its peak, and it is also a hot development project in the building materials industry at present. Today, with the rapid development of integrated wall, many investors have also stumbled in it. How can we avoid entering the alliance scam and carefully investigate a project? Xiaobian will share some points for you:

the integrated wall industry takes authorized regional agents as one of the main business models, so implementing the policies of agents is one of the priorities of the integrated wall enterprises, and it is also the key for the franchised agents to weigh the enterprise and the integrated Wall brand. For integrated wall enterprises, how to directly and clearly publicize and effectively display the information of the enterprise's brand concept, product positioning, corporate culture, brand regional identity, professional skills guidance, brand advantage operation mode replication and enterprise backup support to dealers is the responsibility of authorized enterprises and authorized brands, and also the key to the success or failure of integrated Wall brand channel construction and operation and sales network expansion

for the integrated wall dealers, choosing the integrated Wall brand to join is actually summed up to seek a professional platform, learn from a business form, and obtain supporting main products, so as to create a profit model in the terminal market

however, in the highly competitive modern commercial society, some integrated wall dealers have smooth brand operation, hot market sales and make a lot of money, while some integrated wall dealers have poor business, unsustainable and finally get out of the game. These are mostly caused by different decisions made by integrated wall dealers when choosing franchise brands, which also shows that integrated wall dealers must pay attention to avoiding misunderstandings in the process of choosing brands

myth 1: blindly pursue CCTV advertising

many integrated wall practitioners generally have cognitive differences in brand advertising, and believe that integrated wall brands have no brand potential without CCTV advertising. In addition to the purpose of attracting the attention of the industry, brand advertising plays a more important role in the effective carrier of external communication of enterprises and brand culture. The launch of brand advertising of integrated wall enterprises is not blindly pursuing CCTV launch, but should be based on the actual situation of the brand terminal market team

Myth 2: the lower the price, the more competitive

with the growing maturity of the domestic integrated wall market, the competition in the integrated wall market is shifting from price war to brand war, and the precipitation of brand connotation is the decisive factor for the success or failure of the competition. Therefore, the integrated Wall brand must have: a business model with advanced concept and sustainable development, accurate market positioning, reasonable product pricing, product research and development ability with the right supply and demand, flexible and effective terminal operation strategy, and perfect service, support and guarantee ability

only by truly meeting these conditions can we become an integrated Wall brand trusted by consumers and bring rich profits to integrated wall dealers. On the contrary, brands that only participate in low price competition cannot meet the inner demands of more and more rational consumers because they do not have the conditions and connotation of the brand in the fierce market competition, and the profit space is shrinking day by day. Finally, integrated wall dealers can only bear the consequences of poor operation

myth 3: the larger the production line, the more guaranteed

it is necessary for integrated wall enterprises to have regular production, but the complete and large scale are not directly related to the terminal guarantee degree of the brand. An integrated wall enterprise brand can have everything, but absolutely can't do everything. For example, integrated wall manufacturers produce integrated walls and process all kinds of plates, and also involve in the production of lamp tubes, the processing of screws, the processing of plastic parts, etc. Let's ask whether the products of this enterprise brand are of good quality compared with those of professional plate manufacturers and professional lamp tube manufacturers. This problem is worth serious consideration by dealers

businessmen who intend to pay attention to and prepare to make the investment choice of integrated wall should emphasize objectivity and avoid subjective blindness when choosing to join the integrated Wall brand. They should comprehensively consider various factors, abandon outdated and erroneous ideas, and correctly choose the integrated Wall brand with advanced concept, honesty, service, strong support ability and strong social responsibility consciousness. Only in this way can we make the right decision to join, operate successfully and harvest wealth

the above are a few misunderstandings to avoid blindly following the trend in the investigation of the franchise integrated wall. I hope you need to keep your eyes open when joining the integrated wall, and I hope you franchise investors can find the brand and brand they are satisfied with

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