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Safety analysis and safety technology of continuous mixing process

the continuous mixing equipment of the continuous mixing system is designed based on the turbulent mixing idea formed by the opposite, relative and reverse movement of materials, and the two-stage mixing and cooling technology scheme of the combination of three material conical mixer and mixing cooling medicine spiral. The continuous process is realized through screw conveying. It integrates wood flour drying, expanded ammonium nitrate crushing and three component quantification, so as to achieve continuous, full and uniform mixing of materials. It completely discards the traditional mixing process of wheel mill, and has good intrinsic safety

continuous mixing is mainly composed of expanded ammonium nitrate cam crusher, wood powder steam drying screw, oil phase oil injection system, metering screw, three material conical mixer and cooling drug mixing screw

1 safety analysis of wood powder steam drying screw

(1) the threaded blade is made of stainless steel plate or aluminum plate by using a room type level to measure the fire

(2) the heating temperature shall not exceed the carbonization temperature of wood flour by 160 ℃, so the steam pipeline must be installed with pressure reducing and limiting devices. Control the steam pressure between 0.35 ~ 0.4MPa

The safety analysis of the cam crusher

the cam crushing technology in the ammonium nitrate gas flow process is adopted The expanded ammonium nitrate was crushed with a cam crusher. Since the detonator sensitivity is only available when the expanded ammonium nitrate reaches a certain temperature, its sensitivity mainly depends on the adiabatic compression of the expanded ammonium nitrate by the shock wave generated by the detonator explosion. When the cam crusher works, the rotating motion of the hammer is used to impact expanded ammonium nitrate in a certain space, and the impact sensitivity of expanded ammonium nitrate is equivalent to that of ordinary ammonium nitrate ②; At the same time, the warming gap between the crusher shell and the hammer head in the international market is more than 6mm, without direct friction and impact between metals. The rotating parts have been verified by dynamic and static balance, and the load is stable, the operation is simple, and the speed is less than 1500 rpm; The shell is made of stainless steel. The body is lined with nonferrous aluminum, copper sleeve and other nonferrous materials, and the hammer head is made of nonferrous copper to improve the intrinsic safety of the cam crusher. Hard impurities such as metal, sand and stone shall not enter the crusher during production Therefore, it is safe for cam crusher to crush expanded ammonium nitrate

The safety analysis of the three material conical mixer that can be operated when it is installed on the side 1 blocking the reinforcement


the shell of the three material conical mixer is a cone placed horizontally, with a rotating shaft in the center and multiple groups of blade pulp on the shaft. The blade pulp rotates together with the rotating shaft, so that the materials move in opposite, relative and reverse directions to form turbulent mixing, thus realizing the continuous production of mixed drugs. Due to the low rotating speed of the equipment (about 120 RPM), no friction and impact between dynamic and static parts, and stable operation, the production is safe and efficient

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