Safety checklist for the hottest casting equipment

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Casting equipment safety checklist/molding machine safety checklist in key areas with good basic conditions and obvious driving effect of industrial transformation and upgrading

molding machine safety checklist


molding machine is the main equipment of mechanical modeling, which should be used and kept by a specially assigned person. The cylinder and guide shaft shall be lubricated every day. The profiled plate shall be firm, and the core box screws must be fastened to prevent accidents due to looseness

1 equipment inspection

1.1 the jarring cylinder shall be intact, sensitive and reliable. A silencing pad shall be installed between the jar and the anvil

1.2 type of mechanical performance test of jarring cylinder guide rod or guide block shall be complete, flexible and reliable. There shall be firm and reliable limit nut or limit stop

1.3 the mold lifting rod shall be able to flexibly adjust the mold lifting spacing and height, and have sufficient strength and rigidity at the maximum load

1.4 the return mold lifting mechanism shall be adopted, and the stick path or support of the supporting box must be flat and can firmly support the sand box

The production status of EPDM can also reflect the status of all automobile markets 5 the indenter must rotate flexibly, easily and reliably, and a limited stop iron shall be installed

1.6 the limit device of indenter rotation shall be equipped with adjustable buffer device

1.7 the indenter locating pins shall be complete and reliable. When the indenter enters the working position, it can reliably locate the indenter

1.8 water separator and oil atomizer of compressed air shall be installed in the pneumatic system

1.9 the pressure gauge shall be sensitive, accurate, reliable and regularly calibrated

1.10 the reversing valve shall be sensitive, accurate and reliable

1.11 the pneumatic system shall have smooth air path, good sealing, and no blockage or leakage

2 behavior check

2.1 the operator is not allowed to stand within the moving range of the turntable when the turntable is turned

2.2 do not put your hand into the sand box when the molding machine is moving

2.3 in case of failure during the process, the handle shall be immediately pushed to the closed position

3 working environment

3.1 the floor in the molding machine operation area shall be flat and concrete floor shall be selected

3.2 when the molding machine is installed in the pit, flat and firm cover plates shall be installed around the pit

3.3 when there is a sand return opening around the molding machine, the sand return opening shall be equipped with a firm grid, and the grid gap shall not be greater than 40mm

3.4 the idling noise of the molding machine shall not be greater than 85dB (a)

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