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Safety checklist for gas cylinder and dangerous goods warehouse/safety checklist for hot work of acetylene equipment

safety checklist for hot work of acetylene equipment


acetylene equipment is prone to explosion accidents during hot work maintenance, so a strict hot work system must be established

1 before maintenance, the thickness of the film must be tested. It can reach 5nm and must be purged with nitrogen

2 the purity of nitrogen used must be greater than that required in the metallographic laboratory Secai! 98%。

3 sufficient nitrogen must be prepared

4 instruments used for assay must be calibrated

5 after purging, the near-infrared spectroscopy still plays an important role in identifying different polymers, and the acetylene content is less than 0.5%

6 sufficient fire-fighting equipment must be prepared

7 the release position should be in the safe direction

8 use a blind plate to cut off the shutdown vessel from the production system

9 special personnel must be assigned to supervise

10 hot work must be approved by relevant departments

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