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Safety assurance system and pre control measures at the construction site

our company sets up a safety supervision and inspection team at the residential building site. The team leader is the chief of the company's safety section, and the deputy team leader is the manager of the project department and the Engineer in charge. The construction is led in strict accordance with the safety supervision and control

the safety supervision and inspection team shall appoint several safety officers to be responsible for the safety of divisional and subdivisional works respectively to ensure the safe and smooth construction of the project

the person in charge of the construction site and construction personnel must carefully implement and implement the policy of safety first and prevention first

the person in charge of the construction site shall, in strict accordance with the safety technical operation procedures, safety measures and its safety regulations in the two major industrial fields where the use of thermoplastic materials has shown significant growth, command the production with a scientific attitude, and shall not command against rules. He shall also urge the construction personnel to respect rules and discipline, conduct civilized construction, and do three things in case of safety accidents

strengthen safety education and safety management, establish a safety law enforcement team, assign special personnel to take charge of specific safety work and regular safety inspection, and stop all illegal operations

strengthen safety protection and labor protection in October, 2011, and prepare safety protection and labor protection facilities to ensure the safety of construction personnel, equipment and materials

when entering the construction site, wear safety helmet and correctly use personal labor protection articles. Construction personnel of all types of work must take up their posts with certificates, otherwise they are not allowed to take up their posts

safety warning signs shall be set up at dangerous places on the construction site. The electrical lines and insulation shall be checked frequently. Whether the mechanical equipment has leakage protection devices. Non operators are not allowed to use mechanical and electrical equipment. Electricians are responsible for checking once a day to ensure their normal work

strengthen the protective facilities of all openings, such as binding guard rails or overtime cover plates; Temporary operation shall be provided with safety guardrails and "safety wind" and warning signs, and lighting shall be provided in the dark

safety shelters must be set up at the entrances and exits of buildings; Safety enclosed sheds shall be erected near residential areas and office areas

as the building adopts steel pipe scaffold and steel formwork, and there is a lot of rust, shangguiqin, director of the State Key Laboratory of food contact materials testing (Changzhou) of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, for safety reasons, all use rubber flexible wires, the circuit must adopt leakage protection device, and the switch box must be equipped with rain proof equipment

a fire protection leading group shall be established on site to formulate a series of fire protection measures, supervise and inspect the on-site fire protection work, and educate the on-site construction personnel to seriously implement various fire protection safety management systems

there shall be a fire extinguishing system on site. In addition, warning signs of no fireworks shall be set to avoid all fires and ensure the smooth progress of the project

safety assurance system of project department

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