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Woodworking machinery safety checklist/band saw safety checklist

band saw safety checklist

all aspects of the band saw guide rail shall be isolated by solid protective equipment. In this way, it is convenient to install the saw blade on the flywheel, and at the same time, it avoids the injury caused by the fracture of the band saw

in order to avoid personal injury caused by band saw fracture, the saw blade and saw wheel should be reasonably selected. It is also very important to lock the braking device of the band saw with the starting equipment

in order to prevent the sawtooth from hurting people, the band saw shall be isolated with a fixed protective cover for upward movement and a movable protective cover for downward movement. Due to the large amount of manual feeding and the close proximity of the hand to the sawtooth, the operator must have a strong sense of safety to prevent unsafe behaviors and operate in accordance with the regulations to avoid personal injury caused by the saw blade

1 equipment inspection

1.1 sports car woodworking band saw machine

1.1.1 the sports car part of the sports car woodworking band saw machine and the electrical equipment must be firmly grounded (zero) and clearly marked

1.1.2 the upper drive shaft, axle and wheel of the frame shall be firmly assembled and rotate flexibly without loosening

1.1.3 the car plate is firmly installed on the frame with bolts

1.1.4 the travel switch shall be set on the car panel, which shall be sensitive and reliable in coordination with the contact on the car column

1.1.5 the car pile shall be completely assembled, reliably positioned, and slide flexibly without blocking

1.1.6 the automatic pile moving mechanism shall be adopted, and the automatic control mechanism and automatic feeding device of the jams shall be complete, sensitive and accurate. It is forbidden to use after the control fails

1.1.7 the structure of the clip device of the sports car is intact and the installation is firm

1.1.8 the olecranon shall be sharp, slide flexibly, and can clamp the wood to be sawn

1.1.9 the automatic back off device of sports cars should be firmly installed and sensitive

1.1.10 the steel wire rope and paper friction wheel pulled by the sports car transmission shall be intact

1.1.11 the belt protective cover shall be complete and intact

1.1.12 the track cleaning device shall be installed firmly to remove the sticky chips and residues on the track

1.1.13 there shall be protective railings at both ends of the sports car track

1.1.14 the dust collector is effective

1.1.15 the device shall be equipped with silencing device, and the noise shall not exceed 85dB (a)

1.2 bench type woodworking band saw machine

1.2.1 no obvious vibration is found when the bed is working

1.2.2 the longitudinal cutting guide plate shall slide flexibly on the workbench and can be locked

1.2.3 the upper saw card shall be lifted and lowered flexibly. In his opinion, it is convenient to adjust it. If a motorized lifting mechanism is used, it shall be controlled flexibly and reliably

1.2.4 the bearings of the upper and lower saw wheels must be intact and firmly installed. Repair or replace in time in case of wear or fracture

1.2.5 the saw wheel cleaning device shall be able to effectively remove sundries and sticky chips on the saw wheel

1.2.6 the saw blade tensioning device shall be intact and adjusted flexibly. If the motorized lifting mechanism is used, it shall be controlled sensitively and reliably

1.2.7 the braking device shall be installed firmly, and the test curve can be recalled after the braking reliability test

1.2.8 the saw blade running track adjustment device can be adjusted according to the process requirements. It is strictly prohibited for the saw blade to move in front of the saw wheel

we apply intelligent control to the controller of universal tensile testing machine. 1.2.9 the band saw must be grounded (zero) and clearly marked

1.2.10 the saw wheel cover shall be completely closed, installed firmly, and the cover door shall be opened flexibly

1.2.11 the saw blade protective cover shall cover the non working part of the saw blade and can be adjusted up and down without displacement during operation

1.2.12 the belt protective cover shall be intact

1.2.13 saw blade and worn band saw shall be replaced

1.2.14 it is forbidden to use band saw blades with loose joints or unsatisfactory tension. Saw blades with more than 3 joints and each length less than 1/4 of the total length should not be used

1.2.15 it is forbidden to use if the crack length exceeds 15% of the width of the saw blade

1.2.16 the dust collector is effective

1.2.17 there is silencing device, and the noise shall not exceed 85dB (a)

1.2.18 the tooth depth of the saw blade shall not exceed 1/4 of the depth of the saw blade. A scraper shall be installed at the lower end of the upper wheel of the sawing machine to prevent the saw blade from sticking to the wheel and slipping off

2 behavior safety

2.1 before the saw wheel reaches the normal speed, it is not allowed to feed and cut. During operation, the feed speed shall not be too fast and the force shall not be too strong

2.2 when the machine tool is working, the machine must be shut down immediately in case of sudden blade breaking or falling. After the saw tooth stops safely, the saw tooth cover and saw blade protective cover can be opened and the saw blade can be replaced

2.3 reliable safety measures shall be taken when sawing cylinder workpiece

2.4 multi person operation, coordinated action and one person command

2.5 when loading the timber on the sports car, the hook shall be back, and then the timber shall be thrown onto the car with the back bar or big teeth, and the hanging objects shall be fastened

2.6 when the electric saw starts or stops, the switch handle shall be bolted with a fixed pin to prevent automatic closing. When the saw blade is oiled, it shall stand on the side, the length of the brush handle shall not be less than 1m, and the saw dust shall be removed in time with tools

2.7 after the saw blade contacts with the work object, it is not allowed to swing the workpiece. When the workpiece is about to be sawed, it should be pushed with a wooden stick rather than by hand

2.8 round bar wood with diameter less than 100mm shall not be processed

2.9 if the protective device of the worktable and saw blade is damaged, it should be repaired before use

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