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Safety common sense of scaffold removal

(1) the scaffold removal personnel are generally two to three people in a group, who work together to care for and supervise each other

(2) the high-altitude operation personnel who dismantle the scaffold shall wear safety helmet, safety belt, tie up legs and wear soft soled shoes before operation

(3) when the scaffold is removed, a fence or warning sign shall be set around it, and a special person shall be assigned to take care of it. No one is allowed to enter

(4) the scaffold shall be removed from top to bottom in sequence, and all rod materials shall be removed in sequence according to the principle of first erection and then demolition, and then erection and first demolition. The removed materials shall be cleaned at the same time, and materials shall not be thrown down from high places. When feeding materials from the shelf downward, it is necessary to cooperate up and down to ensure that the upper part calls the lower part, and it is not allowed to work up and down at the same time

(5) the reserved ramps, loading platforms, channels, etc. after the removal of large shelves shall be reinforced before the removal of large shelves, so as to ensure their integrity, safety and reliability after removal

1. The two main sources of waste plastics

(6) during the removal process, no replacement is allowed. If replacement is necessary, the removal shall be explained clearly before leaving

(7) when removing the scaffold pole, hold the pole first and then remove the last two buckles. When removing the large cross bar, diagonal brace and diagonal brace, first remove the middle buckle, then hold the middle buckle, and then remove the two end buckles. The middle operator runs down the pole

(8) the wall connecting rod shall be removed layer by layer with the removal progress. Before removing and throwing the support, the temporary support shall be used to support it, and then the support can be removed and thrown

(9) the removed scaffold board, steel pipe, fastener, steel wire rope and other materials shall be transferred downward or hoisted with ropes, and it is forbidden to throw them downward

(10) considering the cost of materials, except for the chimney and water tower, it is forbidden to break the cable wind rope when the scaffold materials with great influence and reputation in the country are removed. At the same time, the cable wind rope can be removed by removing the cable wind prescription, which cannot be removed in advance

(11) do not damage doors and windows, glass, water pipes, eaves tiles, underground open ditches and other items during demolition

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