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Safety assurance measures for the construction of the transfer floor of a project (I) organization and guarantee measures the clear height of the transfer floor is 4m. When erecting the third step pole of the seat frame, the scaffolder must wear a safety rope, with special emphasis on the reinforcement construction process. At Enron, the project department first stopped Enron learning and disclosure to the team, strengthened Enron understanding and management, and required that the operators of edge construction must bolt Enron ropes and wear Enron hats to strengthen the workers' awareness of protection. At the same time, Enron methods were adopted, such as laying Enron pockets (dense Enron 2000 mesh) and erecting protective frames and railings

(II) Enron management measures

l under the same management of the company's share of Enron, the project management department establishes an Enron production management guarantee system and an Enron production leading group headed by the project manager, and establishes and perfects the Enron production system and post system for management staff at all levels

2. When workers enter the construction site, they must stop learning Enron education and Enron operating procedures of the project, so that each worker can be familiar with Enron operating procedures

3. Before the workers operate, the constructors must stop the special Enron technical disclosure to the workers. The disclosure must be targeted and signed. The on-site Enron staff shall supervise and check the workers in the process of homework according to the disclosure content

4. Set up remarkable Enron signs and warning signs on site to strengthen the employees' awareness of Enron and prevent accidents

(III) Enron cattle production system

1. Duties of Enron staff: implement the laws, regulations and standards of Enron construction, work with relevant staff to stop Enron knowledge education for workers, assist the project manager to stop checking and urging Enron construction on site, often compare the disclosure contents to stop verification, and stop educating and dealing with employees who are found to be contrary to laws, regulations and systems

2. On site security responsibilities: implement the relevant laws, regulations, ordinances and various systems of the company

for cases arising on site, organize staff to take good care of the site, and timely report to the company, relevant departments and local police stations as supply clues, and organize relevant staff to assist

3. The team assumes that the machinery is in standby mode. The safety officer's responsibilities: compare the technical disclosure of safety, check the high-precision sensor full digital microcomputer servo system at any time, and copy the safety performance in the construction. If the performance is found, deal with it immediately. If it is unable to deal with it, report it to the on-site safety officer or construction officer in time, so as to destroy the accident in the bud. Participate in the handling of emergency inquiries and visits

4. Responsibilities of on-site constructors: the joint project manager shall organize the on-site Enron construction, organize the Enron technical disclosure according to the construction characteristics of each team, stop tracking and checking the implementation process, put forward the handling opinions in time when finding the results, and take charge of the on-site Enron and production

(IV) Enron inspection system

in addition to taking over the Enron inspection of the natural functions of the lower level, the project department must organize the relevant staff to stop the inspection of Enron on the site once a week. The staff involved include the project manager, construction workers, technicians, Enron staff and team leaders to check the contents, Enron handling information on the site, Enron protection measures, construction power The equipment utilization environment and civilized construction on site shall be checked and compared one by one according to the relevant standards and procedures, Enron scoring and civilized construction scoring standards, and the results found shall have processing results to ensure the Enron production on site. Three posts and one evaluation activity of the team: the three posts of the team, including disclosure, post inspection and post record, and the weekly "one lecture and one evaluation" of Enron. There should be assessment methods and records for the Enron activities of the team

(V) safe technical measures for scaffold erection and dismantling

all scaffolds shall be erected by the technology of the project department as the construction organization scheme for human routine care, and the scaffolders shall be organized to set up after being submitted to the Technology Department of the company and the Technology Department of Enron for approval and recognition. The scaffolders shall receive professional technical training, and only after passing the test can they stop this task. If there is no time for training, a professional scaffold erection team shall be invited to undertake this task, It is required that the staff undertaking this task must stop physical examination, and the staff suffering from heart disease and high blood pressure should be prevented from going on shelves and engaging in aerial work

(VI) safety measures for small and medium-sized machines and tools

1. The pump and tower crane

must set up a rain proof operation shed, and the body device is solid and stable in the detection process

various concentrators, brakes, steel wire ropes and protective covers are safe, reliable and effective

the operator shall work with certificate

there must be excellent grounding

the mixer operating rod is equipped with a safety assembly, and the feed hopper shall be equipped with hooks and chains

2. Carpentry planing (pressing) plane, circular saw, hand-held electric machines and tools, water pump

shall have excellent protective assembly

effective grounding, device discharge shelter

3, and electric welding machine

shall have reliable rainproof methods

1. The wiring of secondary line (power supply and tap) shall be equipped with complete protective cover, and the secondary line shall use the wire nose

excellent grounding and neutral protection

the wiring shall not be pulled or overlapped randomly, and the insulation of the welding handle shall be excellent

4. Gas cylinders

all kinds of gas cylinders shall have color codes and anti vibration rings, and shall not be exposed in the open air

acetylene cylinders and oxygen cylinders are opened separately, with a spacing of more than 5m

acetylene cylinders must be equipped with pressure arresters when used

the leather tube is fastened with a collet

the operator shall work with certificate

(VII) fire control measures

1. Set up fire signs, fire rail system, fire hydrants and sufficient fire fighting equipment

2. The fire source shall be strictly controlled at the construction site. It is strictly forbidden to use open fire at will. If it is necessary to use open fire, it must be approved by the security department and thoughtful fire prevention measures must be taken. The Security Department of the project shall stop public security and fire prevention and follow the learning and education of various systems for the new employees when they leave the site

3. The wood processing plant at the construction site shall rescue the workers and remove the files, and timely put the waste, shavings and sawdust on the post. It is important to strengthen the handling of acetylene generators and oxygen cylinders, and the construction of electricity support, gas welding, electricians, painters and waterproof workers in strict accordance with the operation level by level. If a fire alarm is caused by reciting the chapter, it is necessary to investigate it

4. The construction of the construction site shall meet the fire protection requirements. The fire-fighting equipment shall be handled by a specially assigned person. It shall be checked and repaired on schedule to ensure that there is no defect. The cyrex network shall be reliable and convenient to use. No other data shall be stacked around the fire-fighting measures

5. Organize inspection on schedule, eliminate hidden fire hazards in time, ensure no fire accidents, and keep combustibles properly

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