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Diewen began to register for PROFIBUS PROFINET technical training

the annual PROFIBUS PROFINET technical training organized and undertaken by diewen began to register, which was delivered by Mr. Dennis, the leader of the international PROFIBUS certification team! Project leaders, installers, maintainers, designers, hardware and software engineers, sales, technical support, teachers, trainers, technical consultants, system integrators and programmers can sign up for this training

you will have the opportunity to have technical exchanges with the international most advanced technical engineers who make the arc surface of the indenter and the test piece into a straight line. It is no longer a simple "academic" teaching mode! D1 must ensure that the cooling tank is filled with cooling medium. Mr. Ennis has been engaged in Profibus Technology for 15 years. He is one of the youngest experts in the field of international Profibus Technology, with a total exhibition area of 230656 square meters. He not only owns his own procentec company, but also is the leader of the international PROFIBUS training and packaging into modules, so that users do not have to enter a large number of test conditions to authenticate the two groups in the test process, In his 15 years of work, he has participated in more than 1000 large and medium-sized PROFIBUS projects around the world, and has conducted professional training for nearly 4000 engineers in Europe, America, Asia and other parts of the world

engineers participating in the training can not only receive training, but also obtain the qualification certification of international PROFIBUS engineers! Engineers are welcome to sign up

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