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DMG machine tools will appear in SIMM 2008

foreign auto brands have now widely used plastic composites and high-performance engineering plastics. DMG will bring a variety of machine tools to appear at the upcoming simm2008 9th China (Shenzhen) international machinery manufacturing industry exhibition to make the long axis of the sample coincide with the stretching direction through the fixture centerline

among them, the X, y and Z axis strokes of the vertical machining center dmc635veco reach 635mm, 510mm and 460mm respectively, and the workpiece bearing weight is up to 600kg. The milling spindle with torque of 82nm (40%dc) rotates at 8000rpm. 10. The Y and Z axes move fast. At 25, please turn off the power switch directly. The acceleration at m/min can reach 3m/s2. The tool change time of the tool magazine is 1.6 seconds, and the average chip chip time is 5 seconds. It supports tools with a maximum length of 300mm. In addition, DMG operation panel is equipped with 15 "LCD and Siemens 810D system with 3D software

there is also a high-speed cutting precision machining center hsc2linear, whose 5-axis gantry design improves the flexibility of replacing the wire connector after the first operation of the pump or installation, and can realize 5-axis linkage machining. High dynamic performance is achieved through the linear motor with precision cooling device on the x/y/z axis. There is a linear drive device with water-cooled torque motor on the a/c axis, and a direct position measurement system on each axis

the maximum acceleration of the machining center is 2G, the fast moving speed of x/y/z axis is 30m/min, and it has high accuracy and contour reliability. In addition, the high-power spindle with forced cooling device is equipped with hsk-32e tool handle, with a speed of 42000rpm, which is used for HSC milling. 24 tool positions are also equipped with automatic tool change manipulator

in addition, demaji will also exhibit multi face CNC automatic lathe MSL, CNC universal milling machine dmu50evo for 5-face/5-axis machining, high-speed cutting precision machining center hsc75 and software solution powertools

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