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Dialogue with CTO: has the advantage of being a late starter in cloud computing.

on April 2, at the 2017 China (Shenzhen) it leaders summit, CTO Zhang Chen accepted an interview with Sohu technology and talked about's ideas and advantages in cloud computing, artificial intelligence and big data

Zhang Chen told Sohu technology that has natural advantages in doing cloud computing. As a leading e-commerce platform, has more than 200 million active users and needs to deal with huge user needs. Especially during the double 11, the traffic of's whole station is 20 times that of usual, and it can be 50 times or higher around zero. It requires a strong ability to undertake this sudden change in traffic and serve all users well under this situation

cloud computing is a marathon, and Amazon has been doing it for many years before it has its current status has the advantage of cloud computing, and attaches great importance to the impact of artificial intelligence on's business. JD needs to rely on technology to minimize costs and maximize user experience. JD's logistics, finance, big data and supply chain capabilities can be opened to partners

basic cloud is only a very core part of cloud computing. Tencent, and Alibaba will have the final water and electricity. This is a core capability, and everyone will have it. How to package JD's capabilities in operation, logistics, warehousing and distribution, and financial big data into solutions for businesses that must be firm is more important than providing basic cloud hosting and cloud storage services, which is also the advantage of JD cloud services

Zhang Chen believes that IAAs will exist in every company in two to three years, and there will not be much difference between them. In this area, it is often a price war, which will not open the gap. The key is how to give the enterprise's ability to partners

for example, for Internet decoration enterprises, can export its own capabilities in bill swiping, account credit and risk control. As an e-commerce giant, has rich technical experience in these fields; For example, some small and medium-sized enterprises do not need to establish their own warehousing and logistics systems. can provide a full range of solutions

in his view, the core competitiveness of JD cloud is e-commerce, logistics and big data. It will not only be limited to e-commerce, but will provide different solutions to different industries in the future, such as providing solutions for the manufacturing industry for compatibility, telling enterprises what to make, and how to build logistics capabilities

Zhang Chen also believes that big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence are inextricably linked: first, big data provides a massive and accurate data foundation for artificial intelligence. Without these data to learn, there is no real intelligence; Secondly, cloud computing provides powerful computing resources, so that previously difficult algorithms can be implemented

Zhang Chen believes that AI will have many opportunities in the short term of three to five years, on the premise of big data and clear application scenarios. Taking's intelligent logistics system as an example, Zhang Chen said that's unmanned warehouse is a typical application scenario

the difficulty of no major correction of the basic principle of the unmanned warehouse lies in how to carry out image recognition, visual recognition and automatic inspection. unmanned car is one of the earliest unmanned cars in China. This distribution car can go to the campus, stop at a place to call the user, use the face to measure the force recognition technology required to expand the tear, and open it to let the user take away the goods

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