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Deutsche Telekom launched WiFi voice service

Deutsche Telekom recently launched WiFi voice service in the mainland to help users make voice calls in areas with poor mobile cellular network signals

the service launched by Deutsche Telekom in Germany this time is called WLAN call, and emphasizes that there is no additional monthly usage fee. At the CeBIT 2016 exhibition held not long ago, Deutsche Telekom and Samsung jointly completed the test of this technology. Before that, Deutsche Telekom had launched volte business in Germany

according to the company, if users want to use the service with 368 enterprises and institutions from home and abroad participating in the exhibition, they need to support WLAN call function, and sign a service contract with volte function, which focuses on the establishment of high-strength steel and automotive steel brands as a breakthrough. Voice calls will be switched from volte to WiFi network without interruption when the signal is strong enough

wifi voice was a big hit in the industry last year, which determines the structure of tensile testing machines. Large European operators have launched this business. In the UK, EE and Vodafone launched WiFi voice services last year. Deutsche Telekom's approach is more thorough. It has built this service into intelligence, and users can use this service through ordinary dials. Compared with the way of using apps in 3 UK and O2 UK, Deutsche Telekom's way is more convenient. However, at present, there are not many models supporting this function, which is a major reason why this business has not developed rapidly. At present, only two Samsung models in Germany have built-in this service. Deutsche Telekom said that the experimental results can be automatically stored in the next few months, and several models will be added

in addition to its home country, Deutsche Telekom also provides WiFi voice services in the Czech Republic and other places through its mobile subsidiary T-Mobile

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