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Deodorization knowledge - principle of biological deodorization method:

use the high-efficiency adsorption, absorption and degradation of special microorganisms that can transform or degrade odor substances to purify the odor gas emitted by domestic and industrial sewage and domestic garbage, so as to achieve the purpose of improving air quality. The process of biological deodorization is to pass the collected waste gas through the estimated carrier (filler) full of microorganisms under appropriate conditions. The odorant is first absorbed by the filler, and then oxidized and decomposed by the microorganisms attached to the filler to complete the deodorization process of the waste gas. The microorganisms growing on the solid carrier undertake the task of material conversion. In order to meet the sufficient organic nutrients required by the growth of microorganisms, the solid carrier must not only have high organic components, but also create a suitable humidity, pH value, oxygen content, temperature and good nutritional conditions to maintain the activity of microorganisms. The main methods are: biofiltration method, soil method, packed tower biological deodorization method, etc


(1) our company produces various detection mechanics detection experimental body transmission systems all year round to lead out the odor of the pollution source, and the odor has a large resistance when passing through the biological carrier, so the power consumption is large, there is no obvious improvement to the indoor air environment, and the odor has a corrosive effect on the gas transmission equipment and air duct

(2) according to the different ways of biological deodorization, the investment difference is large and the investment flexibility is poor

(3) the floor area is large, and corresponding buildings and structures need to be built

(4) the installation and commissioning cycle of the system is long, and the deodorization effect increases with the operation time of the system, so the biological carrier needs to be replaced regularly, so the operation cost is high and the system maintenance cost is high

(automatic temperature control, automatic timing, automatic alarm 5) strict requirements for the external environment, manifested in the uniformity analysis of the filter material to predict the printing resistance, air permeability, humidity, temperature and pH value of the PS version

(6) little pollution to the external environment, basically no secondary pollutants

in the process of the experiment

source: Beijing Qingyuan Hengye

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