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Introduce Pico little monster 2 in detail. Which is better than iqiyi and Dapeng Xiaomi VR? What's the difference?

the main features of VR mentioned are: virtual reality glasses, which everyone is familiar with now. In front of the technology media screen, there are various VR headset devices that often swipe the screen. These products can be basically divided into three categories according to the hardware form: first, external headset devices that need to be connected to the host, which has the best user experience; second, mobile headset devices that need to be placed, which has the worst user experience among the three types of products, The third type is the all-in-one headset, which can provide a user experience close to that of the first type. However, due to the performance of mobile processors, there is a large gap between the content and the external type. Therefore, most people believe that this all-in-one that cannot update the hardware performance can only be a transitional product at a high price, but some manufacturers still insist on doing it Iqiyi's new latest quotation review

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vr virtual reality glasses are popular in the market. Common brands include Pico little monster 2, iqiyi and Dapeng and Xiaomi VR. Recently, many friends are asking Pico little monster 2 which is better to compare iqiyi and Dapeng Xiaomi VR? What is the difference? The following is a brief introduction to the difference and the introduction of various brands. I hope it can help you choose reference Pico latest quotation details>

1. Which is the difference

in fact, Pico little monster 2 is not very different from iqiyi and Dapeng Xiaomi VR. The configuration and style are similar. The main difference is that the brand is different, and the appearance is a little different. In terms of functions, watching movies and playing games are similar, mainly depending on personal preferences and specific uses. What I started with is Pico little monster 2 VR glasses all-in-one machine, which has the following advantages: lightweight, comfortable to wear, clear display, but a lattice feeling. Watching the video, the vr360 4K is slightly blurred, and the 3D is not bad. It's good to watch a small movie of vr180 4K, which is immersive. I play games smoothly and have a good sense of immersion. I've played horror games such as my VR girlfriend and fighting zombies, which are not bad. Also, those who wear glasses should pay attention. They are also close to the lens. I padded them with foam to prevent scratches. Disadvantages: the handle does not fit well, there are few resources, and the line of sight will drift. Generally speaking, it's good. After all, the price is here

little monster G2 4K version tmall user comments:

iqiyi adventure second generation VR comments quotation:

Dapeng VR official latest best-selling model recommendation:

Xiaomi VR latest quotation comments:

II. Pico VR brand introduction:

Pico is a brand of Beijing bird look Technology Co., Ltd. Founded in March 2015, it is a technology company focusing on mobile virtual reality technology and product research and development, committed to building a world leading mobile VR (virtual reality) hardware and content platform. [1] In addition to the headquarters in Beijing, there are R & D centers and regional branches in Qingdao, Japan and North America. [2] Offline sales channels cover seven regions and more than 40 domestic cities. The team is continuously committed to virtual reality technology, product and interactive technology R & D and design, market and developer development, product and content support, VR large-scale industry applications and customer service

III. introduction to Dapeng VR brand:

Dapeng VR, referred to as DPVR, was founded by Chen Chaoyang and his team in 2014. It is a world leading artificial intelligence virtual reality product and content company. Its users cover most countries around the world. It independently develops a complete stack of VR solutions from software systems, hardware devices to content platform operations. Its products include VR all-in-one machines, pc-vr helmets, and 3D broadcasting of Pan entertainment VR content platform. Since its establishment, DPVR has rapidly received investment from many international listed companies and institutions, such as Xunlei technology, kaiyingluo, aofei animation, etc. Adhering to the mission of making VR a lifestyle, Dapeng VR continues to create revolutionary products and content with strong performance and good experience through continuous innovation, so that users can enjoy the fun of VR technology

Dapeng VR is the director unit of the "virtual reality Industry Alliance (IVRA)" of the China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the vice president unit of the "virtual reality technology application branch of China culture and entertainment industry association" of the Ministry of culture, and the partner unit of China Mobile 5g joint innovation center

IV. Pico, iqiyi, Dapeng, Xiaomi VR hot selling model:

1. Pico hot selling model: Pico little monster 2 VR glasses all-in-one machine, reference price: ¥ 1999 00

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user comments: after two days, let's talk about our feelings first. First of all, I bought this to watch movies, VR movies you know! Wow, it's so real for the first time! The small heart plops. Although it's a little granular, it's acceptable

2. Iqiyi VR hot selling model:

iqiyi home ar VR all-in-one machine glasses adventure second generation iqiyi-a2, reference price: ¥ 3999 00

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user comments: after playing for a few days, comments: 1. I used to play 2kvr glasses, and this 4K is much better than 2K's image quality. 2. The panoramic sound of this pair of glasses is very powerful. In the dinosaur clip, the dinosaur fights from front to back, and the sound follows the dinosaur from front to back. As an in ear headset, it is not easy to hear obvious directions, which shows that the panoramic sound technology of this type of glasses is very mature. 3. Iqiyi provided a good panoramic short film, especially in the "dormitory", "rehearsal hall", "waiting room" and other clips, the size ratio of boys and girls is correct, There is no "giant" phenomenon, and the sound positioning and fidelity are very good, with a strong sense of scene. In short, this kind of glasses is the best in the market at present.

3. Dapeng VR hot selling model: Dapeng VR P1 VR glasses all-in-one machine, reference price: ¥ 1399..00

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user comments: strong endurance, worthy of being a special chip for VR. 2K LCD is more than a little clearer than AMOLED, and the refresh rate is not low. In addition to the slightly weak performance of the game, at present, mobile VR games are not very good. It's tiring to play two times, mainly basic movie viewing and panoramic video

4. Popular model of Xiaomi VR: Xiaomi VR all-in-one game console, reference price: ¥ 1799.00

(check the latest quotation of

user comments: not bad, it has achieved the expected effect, and there is still some screen effect. Watching movies is not as good as traditional monitors, but it is better than the on-the-spot experience (it's really cool for a person to watch in the cinema), the battery life is short, and there is basically no power in 2 hours, At present, the self-contained resources are still relatively few, and we look forward to future updates

summary: the above current changes in a period of time: 0.08a- 0.12a- 0.08a- 0.12A Range change: 0.1a- 0.5a- 0.1a- 0.5A In the final test, the range of 0.5A is about VR glasses Pico little monster 2, the comparison between iqiyi and Dapeng Xiaomi VR, and the introduction of various brands and popular models. You can choose according to your own use

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