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Germany and Britain launched electronic rotary pet filling machine

at present, PET packaging has penetrated into all corners of the world beverage industry. Recently, cbialfill company launched volufill electronic rotary pet filling machine. It is a new system that combines single machine with rotary bottle washing, filling and capping to achieve account, card and object compliance. It adopts a "bottleneck" transmission system, and the conversion between different bottle bodies and packages can be completed in one minute

according to the introduction, cbialfill is a joint venture between Hamburg of Germany and centralbottinginter of Britain, which has good energy-saving effects. It is mainly engaged in the development of general electronic high-performance rotary filling equipment. Its main products include volufill electronic rotary pet filling machine. Volume fill can help reduce production costs. The patented electro pneumatic quantitative filling system and electronic flow metering device can carry out accurate and continuous filling, reduce waste, and avoid the possible danger of excessive packaging. The system is applicable to non aerated beverages, carbonated beverages, and beverages containing fruit pulp. The filling temperature ranges from 5 degrees to 70 degrees, and the speed is about 44000 bottles per hour. It varies according to different types of beverages and packaging capacity

a 100 LB dynamometer is installed in a 1000 LB mold frame, stating:

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