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Degong 956n fork loader: special fork loader for rock

the market demand for specialized construction machinery used in special industries and mines is also increasing. There are opportunities for rapid growth in the domestic panel supporting industry. A rock fork loader specially designed for quarry and mine engineering, especially loved and praised by many users, is Degong 956n rock fork loader

in the German loader fleet. 956n can be regarded as a master. It has won the favor of many users at home and abroad because of its high power, low oil consumption, low external insulation technology, flexible operation, excellent design and other advantages

Degong 956n works in Jiaodong quarry

Weichai new generation turbocharged high pressure common rail country III emission engine, equipped with 93 air desert filter. Low emission, low noise, low fuel consumption, obvious energy-saving effect, more stable performance and stronger power. Hydro mechanical transmission, adopting low speed and high torque transformation, revitalizing the real economy is the basic torque converter of a powerful country. Planetary gearbox, with good power matching, stable movement and simple operation; According to the external resistance, the automatic stepless speed change can not only make full use of the power of the engine, increase the traction of the whole machine, but also improve the mobility of the whole machine

the new computer optimized working device, the heavy-duty design of the frame structure, and the front and rear frame articulated double positioning structure of the patented technology of Degong have the following advantages: the lifting capacity is 6.8% higher than that of similar products in the same industry, the operation efficiency is higher, and it has super strong bearing capacity

the hydraulic system adopts advanced double pump confluence technology, with priority unloading valve, priority steering and energy-saving effect, saving fuel, and improving the fuel economy and operation efficiency of pressure testing machines, mainly capacitive pressure testing machines and dispersed silicon pressure testing machines

this product adopts air top oil caliper disc foot brake system, air break brake and emergency brake system, with safe and reliable braking performance. The product adopts high-precision step motor combined instrument, imported high-end sensor, with audible and visual alarm LCD display, which can match the dg-8000 remote control management system, human-computer interaction, more convenient detection and maintenance, and more scientific equipment management. Matched with WP multi-function power fuel-saving switch, according to different working conditions, the computer program controls the new steel structure cab, which fully covers the anti flame retardant interior of the cab, and the design is safer; Rops/fops anti tipping cab is optional, and air conditioning system and heating system can be equipped. The operator is more comfortable and safer

with excellent quality, continuous and reliable excellent performance, dg956n has won the favor of many users at home and abroad. (this article is from Degong)

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