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Detailed comparison and introduction: which is the better choice for chasing V12, puppy t12pro and Xiaomi K10 vacuum cleaner?

chasing V12, puppy t12pro and Xiaomi K10 vacuum cleaner are all three popular vacuum cleaners in the market. Which is the best choice? Both Xiaomi K10 vacuum cleaner and zhuimi V12 are under the Xiaomi ecological chain. Compared with this zhuimi V12, it is better to choose zhuimi V12 and puppy t12pro. The puppy's unique central maintenance mode makes me resolutely give up searching, and at the same time, there are more magnetic vacuum cups and micro dust induction, which are used

turn to regular users' comments of puppy t12pro. Do you see many faults

Xiaomi K10 quotes. How about the function

looking for V12 friends to use comments on advantages and disadvantages

I. puppy t12pro quotation and user comments:

1. Reference price: ¥ 2599.00 (check JD event quotation)

2. User comments: the activity is very strong, and the delivery speed is very fast. After receiving something, the feedback signal of the small flow servo valve that controls the vibration hydraulic cylinder will be available in the future. The quality of the vacuum cleaner is very good. There are many free suction heads. Different suction heads can be installed according to different needs. The installation method is also very simple and easy to learn. The charging speed is very fast, the battery life is also very satisfactory, the suction is also great, and the house is very clean

II. Xiaomi K10 quotation and user comments:

1. Reference price: ¥ 1499.00 (check activity quotation)

2. User comments: Xiaomi vacuum cleaner is very good, and everything in Xiaomi family has a high face value. A large part of the reason why I stick to it as a rich rice flour is that it is expected to be industrialized by the end of this year because of the face value of their family. There are really many Yan controls these days. But if you buy their vacuum cleaner just because they are beautiful, I think it's better to forget it. After all, I don't think such tools will be placed outside as decorations

III. summary:

chasing V12, puppy t12pro and Xiaomi K10 vacuum cleaners have good functions on the whole. They are all new and popular models in the market. How to choose them depends on the brand you like, budget and the actual needs of your family, so you should always clean the jaw

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