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Which is better to compare Jiuyang wall breaking machine y915 and y912 y928 in detail? What's the difference?

the main differences between Jiuyang wall breaking machine y915 and y912 y928 are: first, the appearance color is different; second, the characteristics of each model are different, and other functional configurations are the same. The characteristics of y915 are intelligent reservation and automatic cleaning; Y912 features a machine with two cups, dry and wet separation; Y28 is characterized by 4-hour constant temperature, one key circulation heating and intelligent overflow prevention

Jiuyang wall breaking machine y915 and y912 y928 tmall inquiry, quotation and comment "," for the reference of friends in need

Jiuyang wall breaking machine y915 and y912 y928 JD inquiry, quotation and comment details "," I hope it can help you compare and reference Such fierce domestic competition will be transmitted to the international market

II. Comparison of quotation and comments of Jiuyang wall breaking machine y915 and y912 y928:

1, Jiuyang wall breaking machine y915

reference price: ¥ 559.00

user comments: soybean milk tastes very delicate, and the child even asked me if I put walnuts in it? How does it taste so good? I'm still very satisfied. It's just that the sound is a little loud. It's acceptable. I cleaned it. Trust Jiuyang big brand

2. Jiuyang wall breaking machine y912

reference price: ¥ 999.00

user comments: made soymilk several times, very delicate. I feel that there are too many materials every time. It's very fast to make grain milk. It's worth half an hour. It's very heavy and heavy. It makes me feel very tall. It can greatly reduce the quantity and value of landfill of carbon fiber fabric waste by Sikma and its customers. In use, it's also very correct, the sound is not too loud, and the grinding is very broken. Unlike soymilk machine, the ground beans can't be drunk when they are hot processed, This wall breaking machine can be drunk directly, which is very good and practical

3. Jiuyang wall breaking machine y928

reference price: ¥ 1299.00

user comments: the sound is loud, and the cat is afraid. The new medical grade polycarbonate Makrolon rx3440, launched by kostron with Borneol, will be exhibited in this exhibition. It's very difficult. Soybean milk is very good, and others are being tried. Cleaning is very troublesome. The cleaning function of the machine cannot be cleaned. There will be residues at the bottom. It is easy to be scratched by the blade after washing by hand

III. summary:

Jiuyang wall breaking machine y915 and y912 y928 have their own advantages and disadvantages. The functions are similar, mainly because the appearance color and various characteristics are different. You can choose one of them according to your own needs and likes Tmall view more popular model recommendations

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