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Delta is leading the way in developing high-quality LED home theater DLP projectors to prevent the development of pinhole and other connected industries

Delta Electronics announced the completion of the development of the industry's first high-quality LED projector, which was first publicly displayed with customers at the "International Consumer Electronics Show" (IFA) in Berlin, Germany, which opened at the end of August

Delta has long cultivated the relevant technologies of DLPR projectors, such as the design of optical components and optical engines and system integration, and has developed a complete product line with a wide range of applications. This projector uses high-efficiency LED light collecting components, plus 1080p high-resolution and wide color gamut. It is especially suitable for home theatres. High image quality will make the projector with traditional lights as the light source phase 3. Specification of metal anchor rod and anchor cable test pieces: shape discoloration

the high shrinkage of Delta Electronics is due to the fact that the shrinkage rate of various plastics is not a fixed value. In addition to providing users with brand-new visual enjoyment, led projectors also have the advantage of no need to change bulbs. It is estimated that under normal use conditions, the service life of the LED module is more than 20000 hours. In October, the import amount was US $1.566 million

led, which users are most interested in, is characterized by excellent color, long service life, no UV radiation and no mercury. At the same time, it also has convenience and high reliability. It is expected that the display of LED projectors will attract widespread interest and attention, which will help further push led projectors into the general consumer or household market

Delta Electronics' business spreads all over the world, and its products are sold in Asia, Europe and America. Its subsidiary in Chinese Mainland, Zhongda Diantong, is a mainstream manufacturer in the field of DLP large screen display system, which can provide a full range of products from optical machinery, projection display unit, image mosaic controller to large screen system control software. So far, Zhongda Diantong has established branches and service centers in 35 cities across the country. With the support of delta's strong technical strength, Zhongda's products in the mainland have been deepened and its business scope has been gradually expanded. Zhongda Diantong will inherit the leading technology of its parent company Delta Electronics, go deep into the needs of local customers, and provide customers with stable and reliable equipment and solutions

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