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Schneider Electric made its debut at boma China annual meeting with digital assistance for building operation and maintenance, Beijing, September 20, 2018 -- recently, Schneider Electric, the global leader in digital transformation in the field of energy efficiency management and automation, was invited to participate in the "commercial real estate asset management" International Forum of boma China's sixth international annual meeting, And jointly released with boma China the Chinese version of "building energy efficiency readjustment" and the "2018 survey report on the current situation of energy management in China's commercial real estate". By showing the digital solutions of commercial buildings based on ecostruxure, it explained the special significance of digital technology to help the future construction operation and maintenance, and enabled the real estate to add value

boma China and Schneider Electric jointly released the 2018 survey report on the current situation of energy management in China's commercial real estate and the readjustment of building energy efficiency

boma China's annual conference on "processing recycled materials from clear sources and fair recycling into plastic express bags" focused on "international best practices in commercial real estate asset management", attracting many experts, scholars and business people at home and abroad to review Share the experience, achievements and innovations of commercial real estate in this year, and look forward to the future architectural development. The main forum of the annual meeting brought together many heavyweight guests from the industry at home and abroad, and shared international best practices and experiences in the field of asset management. The sub forum provided valuable thinking for the development of the industry from multiple dimensions around the four themes of energy management, building intelligence, cleaning management, and building health and safety

at present, the real estate industry is moving from the "development era" to the "Operation Era". Urban population expansion, land shortage and other issues have caused the development of new projects to slow down. Developers and operators have turned their attention to the completed and put into use projects, thinking about how to improve building energy efficiency, reduce costs, and further improve tenant satisfaction by providing a safe, efficient and comfortable environment. At the same time, with the support of advanced technologies such as IOT, big data and BIM, building digitalization and intellectualization have become the key for building operators to win in the "new real estate era"

at the annual meeting, boma China and Schneider Electric jointly released the 2018 survey report on the current situation of energy management in China's commercial real estate and the readjustment of building energy efficiency. Song Jiong, senior vice president of Schneider Electric China and head of retail business department, participated in the color cutting ceremony on behalf of Schneider Electric, And said: "In the process of the development of commercial real estate, data is becoming the key to change. In the gradual and in-depth cooperation between boma China and Schneider Electric, the two sides will also fully integrate their respective 'power of data' and give play to greater advantages. The two documents released this time are good practices of this cooperation, which will effectively improve the understanding of industry energy management, assist in the implementation and implementation of high-performance energy management in China, and advocate talent training And development, promote the improvement of the industry operation management system, and improve the operation management level. "

Song Jiong, senior vice president of Schneider Electric China and head of retail business department, delivered a speech at the annual meeting

as a leader in the field of commercial construction, Schneider Electric demonstrated its digital products and solutions for commercial buildings based on ecostruxure in the forum, helping different fields improve energy efficiency and comprehensive management capabilities, stimulate energy-saving potential, optimize the efficiency and cost of the whole life cycle, and is committed to the construction of the ecosystem, Empower customers with digital transformation and help real estate value-added. At the same time, Schneider Electric has officially launched the "2018 VIP series salon in the commercial construction industry", and has successively completed two stops focusing on urban commercial complexes and super high-rise buildings. Subsequently, it will carry out customization activities for parks and Characteristic Towns in order to fully tap the unique value of different types of commercial buildings, and help more customers optimize building energy efficiency, capex (capital expenditure) and OPEX (operating cost), Achieve sustainable development

in the sub forum of the annual meeting, Zhou Hongrui, business development director of Schneider electric energy efficiency building business division, titled "digitalization helps future building operation and maintenance", The energy efficiency service of Schneider Electric covering the whole life cycle is deeply expounded: "At present, with the more applications of interconnected devices, the amount of data is growing explosively. The mining of data value will enable users to more effectively deal with the challenges of energy consumption, efficiency, comfort and so on. Schneider Electric is fully integrating it and ot based on ecostruxure architecture and platform, and applying them to more application scenarios, in order to make up for the disadvantages of some users, such as lack of professionalism, wide range of information, poor data readability and so on, At the same time, based on advanced technologies such as IOT and artificial intelligence, it provides customers with full life-cycle digital services. Take ecostruxure energy advisor cloud energy efficiency as an example. Based on Cloud Architecture and artificial intelligence analysis services, it forms a group level energy management platform, which can provide users with storage and display of energy information, intelligent prediction of indicators, energy efficiency diagnosis and expert advisory services, and help enterprises tap energy-saving potential and achieve energy efficiency goals. "

Zhou Hongrui, business development director of Schneider Electric's energy efficiency building business division, delivered a speech

in addition, during the visit session in the early stage of the event, a group of guests conducted in-depth investigations on five projects, including Shanghai center, Shanghai jinhongqiao International Center and Magnolia Plaza. Through the professional explanations of Schneider Electric professionals, they deeply understood the excellent effects that can be brought about by building intelligent distribution transformation

since Schneider Electric became a member of boma China's supplier in 2018, the two sides have carried out extensive and in-depth cooperation in the field of commercial real estate, integrating their respective advantages, and leading the commercial real estate industry in China, which may limit production and reduce production, into a more standardized and professional new stage. Qu Chanjuan, industry marketing director of Schneider Electric China energy efficiency and building business department, said: "As a leader in the development of the industry, Schneider Electric has provided equipment and services for more than onemillion buildings around the world, and is helping customers tap the commercial value of real estate based on ecostruxure. In the cooperation with boma China, we fully feel the rich project accumulation and sharp industry holes of boma, which has a history of 100 years, 17 branches around the world and 1.6 billion square meters of commercial real estate practice of manual pendulum impact testing machine And believe that the two sides will more effectively enable the digital transformation of the commercial construction industry in the follow-up more in-depth exchange practice! "

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