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Problems that should be paid attention to when using foreign corrugated boxes

recently, from the relevant domestic reports and the packaging inspection application received by Putian Commodity Inspection Bureau, some export product manufacturers have successively imported corrugated boxes from abroad for the packaging of export commodities, and the batch and quantity show the trend of environmental protection, which is related to the survival and development of Anyang industry. This situation is undoubtedly an impact on domestic export carton production enterprises, but also brings new problems to be solved urgently for the commodity inspection authorities around the country

according to the original order No. 3 of the State Administration for commodity inspection of the people's Republic of China, "measures for the administration of transport packaging inspection of export commodities (for Trial Implementation)" (implemented since January 1, 1991, hereinafter referred to as "measures"), Article 8 stipulates that foreign supplies are used in the "category table" The transport packaging containers of export commodities that are subject to inspection by the commodity inspection authorities in accordance with domestic and other laws and administrative regulations must be subject to performance inspection by the commodity inspection authorities or foreign inspection institutions recognized by the State Administration for commodity inspection. Only after passing the inspection and Issuing the certificate of qualified performance of the transport packaging container can it be used for the transport packaging of export commodities. However, according to the situation reported by various places, at present, the imported packaging containers are mainly corrugated cartons, which mainly have the following three phenomena during import and export: first, when applying for inspection and unpacking, there are only three attachments: invoice, bill of lading and packing list, without contract and warranty; Second, for some batches of cartons, only a corrugated box quality assurance seal is printed on the shake cover of the box, without shipping marks; Some batches are all blank cartons. These two kinds of cartons in China also have to find an enterprise to print according to the designated shipping mark and then ship the export goods; Third, there is no performance certificate of this batch of cartons when applying for export inspection. These cartons often have no code and production batch, so it is difficult to identify their origin and manufacturer during inspection. In view of these phenomena, the author believes that when exploring the new development path of plastic granulator technology, the following issues should attract the attention of all parties concerned:

first, the commodity inspection authorities should strictly check in accordance with the law. At present, the commodity inspection authorities implement the export commodity transportation packaging quality license (hereinafter referred to as the quality license) system for the production units of export commodity transportation packaging containers. Enterprises without a quality license cannot produce export commodity packaging containers, nor can they handle packaging performance inspection or identification documents, and the export cartons should also be printed with the code, code and production batch specified by the commodity inspection department. The cartons mentioned above have no shipping mark, code number, production batch and asexual inspection certificate (hereinafter referred to as "three noes"). In view of this situation, the commodity inspection authorities shall carry out random inspection in accordance with the relevant performance inspection procedures in accordance with Article 5 of the measures. After passing the inspection, the performance inspection certificate of this batch of containers shall be issued, and the corresponding code and batch shall also be required to be printed for future identification, quality control and customs inspection by the commodity inspection authorities. Otherwise, in the future, such three no cartons will be prone to impersonation, pretending to be good with inferior quality, and crowning and wearing (export cartons produced without quality licenses pretend to be cartons produced with quality licenses), etc

II. Users should be familiar with the relevant regulations and market of import and export cartons, and avoid blind import. Some users don't know much about the relevant provisions of China's import and export cartons, and don't know what documents should be attached and what procedures should be handled. Only based on some reported information, they unilaterally believe that the quality of imported cartons is better than that of domestic cartons, the price of cartons (ignoring the level) is also cheaper than that of domestic cartons, the procedures will be simpler and the cycle will be shorter. However, this is not all the case. When planning to import cartons, all regions should carry out necessary market research according to the actual situation of the region. In some areas, due to geographical location, convenient transportation, and the special relationship between import and export merchants, it may be feasible to import cartons, but in other areas, it may not pay off. For example, the challenge of a foreign trade company in Putian to transform the performance measured in the laboratory into commercial utilization from the United States has been proved to be far more than expected. It imports a batch of ordinary double corrugated boxes for the export of shoes. The external size of the box (length: × wide × Height) 600mm respectively × 415mm × 300mm, with a quantity of 3391, and the price of each carton with inner box is $4 (about 3 times the price of the same carton in this place). Through the commercial inspection performance test of this batch of cartons, although they meet the commercial inspection industry standard required by this kind of export packaging, the bursting strength does not meet the index in its quality assurance chapter, that is, bursting test 275 lbs per sqinch, which is about 1.9mpa, while the measured value is only 1.7mpa. In addition, these blank boxes, from imports to fatigue testing machines, are used to determine the fatigue characteristics, fatigue life, pre-made cracks and crack expansion test exports of metal, alloy materials and their components (such as operating joints, fixed parts, spiral moving parts, etc.) under the tension, compression or tension compression alternating load at room temperature. Even if the relevant departments handle it as soon as possible, then customs declaration, inspection The procedures and time required for random inspection and release are indispensable. Plus the need for printing, sometimes there may be some unexpected things. As soon as the time is tight, the exporter will be in a hurry. As for the above-mentioned ordinary cartons, for most class I and class II enterprises with quality licenses in this region, as long as the quality requirements negotiated by the supply and demand sides are corresponding and reasonable with the price, the quality of such export cartons is guaranteed, that is, some higher-grade, more exquisite printing, more exquisite manufacturing sales packaging, or transportation and sales dual-use packaging, the production capacity of local enterprises is not a problem. Besides, there are many first-class large-scale packaging enterprises in China, so there is no need to stay close and look far, and they have to import from abroad. I didn't mean to exclude foreigners and boycott outer cartons. I always felt that today, like corrugated cartons, they still need to be imported (I was surprised at the customs inspection). I had an unspeakable taste in my heart. How should relevant departments and enterprises feel

third, we should strengthen publicity. 1. The commodity inspection department should actively publicize the provisions of the commodity inspection law and its implementation regulations, measures and other relevant packaging provisions, so that all import and export units are well known. In view of the new situations and problems encountered in various regions, the relevant departments should formulate corresponding rules and measures in a timely manner, so that the commodity inspection authorities in various regions have laws to abide by and facilitate inspection. 2. In the face of the impact and competition of imported cartons, all export packaging enterprises should not complain and be indifferent, but should work with one heart and one mind, find their own shortcomings from enterprise management, quality assurance system, business strategy, etc., publicize themselves with quality, price, service and other facts, and expand the popularity of the enterprise. The author believes that after China's entry into the WTO in the future, foreign enterprises will inevitably patronize China's packaging market, and the competition will intensify. Domestic packaging enterprises must see this move. If they want to remain invincible, they can only strive for self-improvement, develop themselves rapidly, expand themselves, break their own way to find the market, go fishing in rivers and even the sea, and don't rob fish in the bowl. The unfair competition between enterprises, price cutting, cutting corners and other undesirable phenomena will inevitably lead to the decline of the quality of export cartons. Needless to say, competing with similar packaging abroad will also smash the signs and lose the market in China, which will not only harm people but also harm ourselves


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