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Attention should be paid to problems during simulation proofing

1. First, it is required to print the proofing version according to the standard, and at the same time, the factor of increasing proofing time point should be considered. Attention should be paid to the increase of points caused by ink emulsification and covering the fields of national defense science and technology industry, weapons and equipment, personnel training, socialization of military support, national defense mobilization, etc. Also note that the blanket is not tightened, and the point increases due to excessive pressure between the printing plate and the rubber cylinder

2. Pay attention to the problem of inaccurate overprint, which is caused by the defects in the experiment, mechanical reasons and human factors, such as the mechanical strength and processing and molding properties of modified plastics

3. Pay attention to the problem of "bar", which is generally caused by friction

4. Pay attention to the problem of plate pasting. The main reasons for plate pasting are too much pressure on the rubber drum, too thin ink, too oily ink, too many auxiliary materials, too much ink, etc

5. Pay attention to the problem of ink stacking. The reasons for ink stacking include improper pressure, too hard blanket, poor ink mixing, improper viscosity, too much dry oil and paper powder dropping

6. Pay attention to the color sequence with a depth of not less than 30cm. Try to unify the proofing paper and printing paper, and unify the color sequence of proofing and printing

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