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Problems needing attention in certification of capacitance compensation device and complete set of products

1 The following parameters are reflected on the certificate:

for example: GGJ in=433a ~ 87A; Icw=20kA; Ue=380V; Ui=660V; F=50hz professor you Zhengwei of the key national laboratory of fiber material modification of Donghua University has made important progress in the field of 3D printing thermosetting materials; IP30;

indoor type; Compensation capacity: qc=300kvar ~ 60KVAR

compensation method: three-phase compensation


1) if it is less than the number of circuits specified in the Certification Implementation Rules (4 circuits), the number of compensation circuits shall be given

2) current coverage: the total current measured by the actual temperature rise test shall be the upper limit of coverage, and the minimum branch current shall be the lower limit of coverage

3) capacity coverage: the minimum capacity is at least the compensation capacity of the smallest capacitor in the compensation device (415kvar)

2. Supplementary tests to be added (in addition to the test items of gb/t 15576 standard clauses):

for outdoor compensation devices and compensation devices whose shell is composed of insulating (synthetic) materials, insulating and metal mixed materials, according to GB/t "General requirements for empty shells of low voltage switchgear and control equipment", for low voltage reactive power compensation devices, the test items to be supplemented are as follows:

2.1 The shell of the compensation device is made of insulation (synthetic material) And the test items that should be supplemented for the mixture of insulation and metal

2.1.1 insulating material performance gb/t 9.8 thermal stability verification gb/t 9.8.1 heat resistance verification gb/t 9.8.2 verification of resistance to abnormal heating and flame gb/t2 in the industry 9.8.3

2.1.2 dielectric strength verification gb/t 9.9

pretreatment gb/t 9.9.1

place the shell at a relative humidity of 91% - 95%, The air temperature shall be maintained in a damp heat box (chamber) at (402) ℃

place the shell in the box (chamber) for 2D (48h)

2.2 items to be tested for outdoor compensation devices

2.2.1 aging resistance verification gb/t 9.11

only applicable to outdoor installed compensation devices whose shell is composed of insulation (synthetic material) and a mixture of insulation and metal

according to gb/t16422 UV (ultraviolet) test in method a: spray water for 5min, dry with xenon lamp for 25min, and cycle for a total of 500h

2.2.2 corrosion resistance verification (gb/t 9.12.1 b) (applicable to all outdoor compensation devices) damp heat cycle test

temperature 40 ℃, relative humidity 95%. The test takes 24 hours as a cycle, with a total of 12 cycles, in which the improvement of total factor productivity will play a greater role salt spray test

temperature (352) ℃, the test takes 24h as a cycle, a total of 14 cycles

2.2.3 ambient temperature performance test

ambient temperature performance test is to assess the reliability of outdoor reactive power compensation devices equipped with electronic devices under the specified upper and lower limits of ambient air temperature

3. Sample delivery requirements

for the outdoor installed compensation device whose shell is composed of insulation (synthetic material) and a mixture of insulation and metal, due to the need for aging resistance verification, in order to avoid wasting time due to the preparation of material samples, it is recommended that enterprises send samples such as the following shell insulation material samples:

(1) 80mm 10 mm; 20 yuan

(2) 120 mm 60mm, 4 pieces

4、 The main technical parameters in the product description should include the following:

rated working voltage: AC V

rated insulation voltage: AC V

rated frequency:

overvoltage category: I □ II □ III □ IV □

material group: Ⅲ a

pollution level: Level 3

electric gas gap: mm

creepage distance: mm

capacitor capacity: kvar

number of compensation branches:

capacitor capacity of each output circuit :

rated current of each output circuit:

rated current and breaking capacity of main switch:

rated current of main bus, rated short-time withstand current and rated peak withstand current:

enclosure protection grade:

electric shock protection category: I ■ II □ III □

compensation method: three-phase compensation □, single-phase compensation □, Combination of three-phase compensation and single-phase compensation □

element types for controlling switching capacitors: electromechanical switch (e.g. contactor) switching □, semiconductor electronic switch (e.g. thyristor) switching □, composite switch (combination of semiconductor electronic switch and electromechanical switch in parallel) switching □

5. The key parts added in the compensation device

5.1 controller

the manufacturer and model of the controller expanded in the list of safety parts should be the controller that has passed the voluntary certification or random test, otherwise the controller prototype should be provided for supplementary test with the whole machine

5.2 switching switch

the extended switching switch manufacturer and model in the list of safety parts are only switching switches that are randomly tested, otherwise inspection reports or additional tests should be provided

II. Change of low-voltage complete sets of products (key components and materials and change requirements)

1 Key components and materials include:

shell, low-voltage circuit breaker, low-voltage switch, isolator, disconnector and fuse combination appliance, low-voltage contactor, thermal overload relay, AC semiconductor motor controller and starter, automatic transfer switch appliance, busbar, insulated wire, withdrawable primary connector and insulated support, and other components and materials for main circuit

reactive power compensation devices are added: capacitors, reactors, power electronic switches, reactive power compensation controllers

2. Change requirements

2.1 general

all changes shall not be lower than the technical parameters and performance of the product after type test. The technical parameters and performance of key components and materials shall not be lower than those of key components and materials that have been type tested. Products within the scope of CCC certification shall have CCC certificates

2.2 changes of main incoming switch, busbar and insulation support

changes of main incoming switch, busbar and insulation support shall be approved by the certification authority. In addition to the main incoming switch, busbar and insulation support, the changes of other key components and materials shall be confirmed and approved by the technical director of the certification factory, and the change records shall be kept. The certification authority shall supervise and spot check, and conduct verification tests if necessary

note: the main incoming switch refers to the switch of the incoming cabinet and the incoming switch of the independently installed cabinet (box), which are the key components for isolation, connection and disconnection in the main circuit

2.2.1 change of main incoming switch

(1) the main incoming switch shall comply with the provisions of corresponding product standards

(2) if the change of the main incoming switch causes the change of the main circuit electrical structure (such as busbar layout), the short-term withstand current verification test and temperature rise test should be carried out

2.2.2 change of busbar

(1) busbar shall comply with the provisions of gb5585 product standard

(2) provide a valid busbar test (or detection) report within 4 years issued by a laboratory approved by CNAs in accordance with gb5585, or do busbar temperature rise test

The following information Jinan experimental machine factory professional introduces to you

2.2.3 the change of insulation support

(1) the insulation support should comply with the provisions of jb/t10316 product standard

(2) provide a valid test (or detection) report of insulating supports within 4 years issued by a laboratory approved by CNAs in accordance with jb/t10316, or do a short-circuit strength test of the busbar with the largest spacing between insulating supports

2.3 increase the change of the upper limit value of the rated current (in)

it is necessary to provide a prototype according to the sample specification (the rated current is the increased in) and quantity specified in the certificate application unit, and carry out the verification of the rated short-time and rated peak withstand current capacity and temperature rise limit of the main bus according to the regulations

2.4 change of protection grade

if the protection grade of the same certification unit changes, the protection grade and the corresponding temperature rise limit verification should be done

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