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Pay attention to the problems in the mechanical seal work

a. expose the particles very much and pay attention to avoid the installation deviation during the installation, (1) tighten the gland after the alignment of the coupling, and the bolts should be evenly supported to prevent the end face of the gland from deflection. Check all points with a feeler gauge, and the error is not less than 0.05 mm. (2) Check the fitting clearance (i.e. concentricity) between the gland and the outer diameter of the shaft or shaft sleeve, and the circumference should be uniform. Check with a feeler gauge that the allowable deviation of each point is not greater than 0.01 mm

b. the spring compression shall be carried out according to the regulations, and it is not allowed to be too large or too small. The error is required to be 2.00mm. If it is too large, the pressure on the end face will increase, and the end face will wear faster. Too small will cause insufficient specific pressure and cannot play a sealing role

c. after the movable ring is installed, it can move flexibly on the shaft, and it should automatically spring back after pressing the movable ring against the spring

2. Precautions during disassembly

a. be careful when disassembling the mechanical seal. It is strictly forbidden to use a hammer and flat shovel to avoid damaging the sealing elements. It can be used as a pair of steel wire hooks, extending into the transmission seat 5 in the direction of self financing Overload protection: when the sensor is overloaded, it will stop automatically and pull out the sealing device at the notch. If scaling cannot be removed, it should be cleaned before disassembly

b. if mechanical seals are used at both ends of the pump, take care of each other in the process of assembly and disassembly to prevent one from neglecting the other

c. for the mechanical seals that have been operated, the experimental properties can be widely applied to rubber, canvas, aviation, wires, plastics, etc. 1. Where the gland is loose and the seal moves, the dynamic and static ring parts must be replaced and should not be re tightened to continue to use. Because after the sample moves, the original running track of the friction pair will change, and the sealing of the contact surface is easy to be damaged

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