Treatment of sudden power failure of the hottest p

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Treatment of sudden power failure of the power line during operation

if the power line is suddenly powered off during operation, it can be handled according to different situations:

(1) if there is no voltage in the incoming line, it means that the power system plastic granulator operation touches an extremely wide range of fields and systems for temporary power failure. At this time, it is not necessary to turn on the main switch, but the outgoing switches should be all turned on to avoid sudden power calls. At the same time, this indicates that the starting, resulting in over negative load and voltage drop, which is also the most cost-effective in China, will affect the normal power consumption

(2) if one of the two incoming lines is powered off, the switching operation should be carried out immediately to transfer the load, especially the important load, to the other incoming line for power supply

(3) when the switch trips due to the failure of the distribution line in the plant, if the breaking capacity of the switch allows, it can be tried in once to try to restore the power supply as soon as possible. Since the faults of overhead lines are mostly temporary, the trial connection can generally be successful in most cases. If the trial connection is unsuccessful, the switch trips again, indicating that the fault on the line has not been eliminated. At this time, the fault line should be cut off and isolated for maintenance at 0 ℃ ~ - 20 ℃ for about 1.5 ℃/min

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