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SMS will have disruptive changes! The three major operators will jointly promote 5g message services. Huawei and other manufacturers support

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can pay for video, send messages and expressions without adding friends, and even send messages and chat in groups

soon, citizens will be able to use 5g messages, which can be called "enhanced versions". On April 8, the three major operators jointly announced the upcoming 5g messaging service. We learned that for more than 20 million 5g users in China, since 5g messages will be charged by traffic rather than by ticket, its price is expected to be more favorable than current SMS and MMS


5g messages broke through the limitations of SMS

on the same day, the three major operators jointly released the "5g message white paper", officially deciding to launch 5g messages for the public and industry users. According to the white paper, 5g messages support text, pictures, videos, expressions, locations, contacts and other content, as well as offline messages, and can provide users with message status reports and non use according to the user manual; Message history management. Its specific applications include two types: one is the message interaction between individuals, and the other is the message interaction between individuals and industry users. In personal message interaction, it also includes point-to-point messages, group messages and group chat messages

operators said that for individual users, 5g messages will break the length limit of traditional SMS for each message, and the content will also break through the text limit to achieve the effective integration of text, pictures, audio, video, location and other information. For enterprises, 5g messages will provide an information interaction interface with individual users. Enterprises can output personalized services and consulting to users through text, voice, tabs and other rich media

for the introduction of its payment function operators, users can pay by clicking on the image in 5g messages in the future. For example, in the dialogue with 12306, users can quickly realize ticket reservation, payment, ticket change and other operations by sending voice or text and clicking keywords

note that benchmarking and 5g messages have evolved into rich media messages. According to operators, 5g messages can also be combined with traditional voice services to realize information sharing and interaction between individual users and industry users before, during and after calls

it is understood that 5g news will charge higher than steel and aluminum fees according to the strength and stiffness of the flowmeter rather than according to the bar. Directional flow packages may also be launched in the future, and its price is expected to be more preferential than the current SMS and

5g message

use the global unified standard

Dong Xin, deputy general manager of China Mobile, said that 5g message is the common choice of global operators. Based on the unified GSMA RCS standard, it will bring customers new experiences such as multimedia messages, commercial messages, intelligent messages, interactive services, security and anti-counterfeiting by improving the independent support ability of special production equipment

wangguoquan, deputy general manager of Chinatelecom, introduced that all parties will strengthen ecological cooperation, constantly improve user experience, strengthen cooperation with all parties in the industrial chain, and jointly create a high-value information ecosystem with network connectivity, business connectivity, terminal sharing and consistent experience; On the other hand, we should strengthen innovative cooperation, jointly enrich 5g messaging applications, and jointly create a better future for 5g development

fanyunjun, deputy general manager of China Unicom, disclosed that 5g news is an important part of 5g ecology and digital economy. It carries the important mission of transformation and upgrading of traditional SMS business, and also contains the importance of the evolution and iteration of information service mode, which does not need to adjust the fragmented balance of power measurement. In the future, all parties in the industrial chain will jointly build a 5g message ecosystem, upgrade users' message service experience, and boost the industrial application value of information services

note that 5g message also inherits the characteristics of traditional SMS, such as registration free login and installation free application, and further realizes the convenience and efficiency of information interaction. At the same time, 5g messages also support encrypted transmission, graphic passwords and other information interaction methods, which can provide information security and protect users' privacy

manufacturers collectively support 5g news

the white paper on the same day also acknowledged that the traditional SMS business of operators cannot meet the diversified needs of users because of its simple function and limited experience. The launch of 5g news also means that and finally ushered in the strongest competitor

Beijing learned that GSMA has planned to include 5g messages into the mandatory functions of 5g terminals. In the future, users can easily use 5g message service by replacing 5g or upgrading existing 4g/5g

according to the data previously released by the China Academy of telecommunications, 13.769 million domestic 5g units were shipped in 2019, and 7.845 million domestic 5g units were shipped from January to February 2020. In other words, there are more than 20million 5g users in China

in the face of 5g news, ZTE said on the same day that it was willing to work with the three major operators to promote 5g news to become the fastest 5g+ business application. Huawei said it would continue to maintain long-term communication and cooperation with operators in the information field and jointly expand the 5g information market. It was learned that Xiaomi will later support 5g news in all 5g models and promote the commercial use of 5g news products. Samsung is developing 5g messaging business based on the latest specifications of operators, and plans to fully support 5g this year. Oppo also said on the same day that it is willing to work with the three major operators and other terminal manufacturers to popularize 5g technology and related applications from the perspective of users and build a win-win and prosperous 5g business news ecosystem

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