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Small and medium-sized enterprise brands from potential to strength

Beijing TV station has a famous program "world collection". The famous host Wang Gang holds a "treasure hammer" every week to "eliminate the fake and preserve the true" between the genuine and the fake. Once, Wang Gang said such a passage on the program site -

he said, "in fact, there is nothing you can say about a thing in front of a collector. A real collector has feelings, and he will strongly feel whether it is a genuine product in his intuition.". Wang Gang then said, "just like us actors, we will have this feeling after a long time; when a young man comes over, you will quickly judge whether he or she has the appearance of a star, whether he or she has the potential of a star, and whether he or she can become a wrist."

what he said is that in the brand field, the two brands are put together, and other conditions are the same. Can you judge which brand has more potential? Do you feel the same way? Tanxiaofang believes that consumers should have the most say

according to statistics, at present, the average life span of nearly 10 million small enterprises in China is only 7.2 years, while some large enterprises in the world also "rise and fall", rise and fall, and finally "fall into the stars"

according to data, among the top 500 enterprises in the world in 1990, nearly 1/3 enterprises have ceased to exist due to bankruptcy or mergers and acquisitions. Among them, there are many famous brands such as McDonnell Douglas, Wang'an computer, Rolls Royce and so on that actively take effective measures. All these make us tourists have a sense of crisis of survival and a sense of fatalism of life and death

looking at the development history of the world's top 50 famous brands in 2002, we can also draw a conclusion that "although life and death are difficult to resist, the length lies in man-made". For example, the top 10 brands (Coca Cola, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Nokia, Ge, Ford, Disney, McDonald's, at t) have an average life expectancy of more than 50 years, and are still in their heyday, which is a model for us to study the way of brand longevity

every normal business organization has the desire to grow, grow bigger and stronger. Just like people, no one wants to be only "50 cm long, 7 kg and 6 Liang weight" forever. But the fact is that you need some potential and physical quality. Not everyone can become Michael Jordan, Napoleon and Roberts Julia

what are the characteristics of a potential brand that may grow? Tan Xiaofang believes that it has at least broken through the survival dilemma in its infancy. Solvay's main product aromatic polymers are perfect and meet the needs of automotive original equipment manufacturers. Such brands generally contain the following five characteristics: A. they have huge market potential; B. Excellent service quality; C. It has relatively fast market growth and response speed; D. Have their own marketing network or promotion strategy; E. There are enterprise leaders with broad market retaliation or excellent market vision

the definition of a person with "strength" is generally nothing more than "thinking, influencing, acting and strong body". The annual consumption of LDPE in the Indian market will reach 1.2 million tons. If a potential brand wants to become a strength type, it must do the following work:

a, further explore, revise and confirm the core positioning of the brand, and establish a systematic brand core concept identification. Tanxiaofang believes that potential brands should think systematically and establish clear and focused core concept identification for brands

b. Improve the material identification system inside and outside the enterprise around the core concept identification, so that the two are "interdependent" and "the same root and the same source" - this is the general law of brand management and promotion. Of course, the shortest way for enterprises is to work together with professional brand consulting companies

c. promote the continuous growth of the brand with innovation. The real driving force of strength brands comes from innovation. It is the market advantages created by innovation that form the favor of consumers, thus promoting the continuous development of strength brands. Therefore, potential brands should give full play to their characteristics of "flexibility and concentration" from market innovation, management innovation, service innovation and other aspects, and absorb the nutrition of self-growth in the common market

in a word, from potential to strength is not only an exciting thing, but also a painful process of continuous fission and repeated adjustment. Mitsubishi materials held a press conference in Tokyo on Friday, which is called "painful and happy". Here, we wish all potential brands can laugh last and long-term

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