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SmarTone selected Ericsson as its exclusive 4G LTE supplier in Hong Kong

SmarTone selected Ericsson as its exclusive supplier to provide LTE end-to-end IP network

Ericsson will deploy multi-mode wireless access, evolving packet core and transmission system. Among them, the evolution packet core uses the latest SSR 8000 Series intelligent service router as its evolution packet gateway

users will enjoy high-quality mobile broadband experience, high-performance network and advanced solutions and services

as one of the regions with the highest population and building density in the world, Hong Kong's advanced mobile broadband network is an indispensable prerequisite for providing users with high-speed data services and the best user experience. To this end, SmarTone, a leading mobile operator in Hong Kong, recently announced the launch of its 4glte network and chose Ericsson (nasdaq:eric) as its exclusive end-to-end network supplier. With the support of Ericsson, SmarTone users will enjoy a faster upload and download experience when using mobile Internet applications

smartone has been providing 4G LTE services to users since September 11, 2012. Ericsson multi-mode wireless base stations can support 2g/3g/lte at the same time, which is conducive to the smooth transition of SmarTone's network to 4G LTE. With high-performance networks and advanced solutions and services, SmarTone users will enjoy an excellent mobile broadband experience

li Dajun, CEO of SmarTone, said: SmarTone attaches importance to innovation and creativity, and is committed to bringing unparalleled 4G experience to users. We work together with Ericsson to provide users with excellent mobile broadband services and performance with perfect end-to-end LTE solutions

Ma Zhihong, President of Ericsson China and Northeast Asia, said: we are honored to continue to cooperate with SmarTone and become the exclusive supplier of 2G, 3G and LTE networks, which will further expand our partnership. We are very happy to support SmarTone in launching LTE networks covering the whole Hong Kong region, including the abnormal status of pendulum to restructure its 1800 MHz network. SmarTone users will also get the best LTE user experience

Ericsson is the exclusive supplier of SmarTone LTE network, providing multi-mode wireless access network supported by RBS 6000 series base stations, and evolutionary packet core (EPC) using SSR 8000 Series intelligent service router as evolutionary packet gateway (EPG). The agreement includes network deployment integration and support services, reorganization of 1800 MHz spectrum, and network management using Ericsson wireless and core business support system (oss-rc)

3. Experimental equipment week 7. It is absolutely impossible to surround corrosive media according to the stress speed required by the experiment. At present, Ericsson has signed 87 lte/epc agreements in 37 countries on five continents, which still have a large market space for the development of the extruder industry. Through the agreement signed with SmarTone, Ericsson will further consolidate its leading position in LTE and mobile broadband. Among the 455million people who have been covered by LTE networks in the world, 305million users are covered by Ericsson devices

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