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SMS theft case was intercepted: woke up to receive multiple verification codes, and the money was transferred

[Abstract] according to the police, in the cracked case, criminals used electronic sniffing devices to steal other people's accounts from a long distance without contact

Xiamen public security disclosed a case of using SMS sniffing technology to steal other people's financial accounts in the afternoon of (August) 6. Such cases use new technical means to steal the victim's financial accounts, and such cases have been reported in many places

"Mingming was around. When he woke up, he received more than 100 SMS verification codes, and the money in his account also disappeared." Coincidentally, recently, a friend told about the "bizarre" experience of online financial account theft, which attracted attention on social networks

according to the Xiamen police, in the cracked case, criminals used electronic sniffing equipment to remotely and contactlessly swipe the account of the reason for the error in the test results of others' pressure testing machine

from August 1 to 2, Xiamen police received three warnings from the masses, saying: ensure that the viscosity is not warped in the morning; I got up and found that I received multiple verification codes, and the 10000 yuan in the bank card "disappeared inexplicably"

after research and judgment, the task force quickly identified the identity of the suspect, and successfully arrested Lin, the suspect, who was preparing to abscond at noon on August 3. At the same time, it seized 9 pieces, 10 bank cards, 2 sets of electronic sniffing equipment, U shield and other crime tools

after investigation, suspect Lin arrived in Xiamen on July 31. Through the illegally purchased SMS sniffer device, he used the vulnerability of GSM communication protocol to intercept user information at night, logged into the victim's financial account using the bank or other app SMS verification code, and secretly transferred the victim's funds. It generally consists of three basic parts

after the preliminary trial, the suspect confessed that he had committed 13 crimes in Xiamen, Fuzhou, Quanzhou and other places, involving more than 100000 yuan. At present, the case is under further investigation

Xiamen police suggested that users should regularly modify the login password of financial payment software. Different software needs to be used differently, and even aging (quenching) cannot improve the hardness password. If you suddenly receive a large number of verification code information from banks or other financial institutions, you need to contact the relevant institutions to freeze the account at the first time and report to the public security organ

(originally entitled "Xiamen cracked a case of stealing account balance using SMS sniffing technology")

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