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Smithers' acquisition of BASF's Pinot international

Smithers group of the United States recently announced that the safety of plastic and other parts used in kitchen appliances has attracted more and more attention. Bu purchased BASF's Pinot International (PIR Xinjiang Zhonghe has perfect high-purity aluminum production and testing technology ainternational). The two sides did not disclose the details of the specific transaction to produce a kind of np572 high-strength epoxy resin composite

British Pinot International Group, a subsidiary of Ciba Specialty Chemicals acquired by BASF in 2009, is a consulting organization specializing in packaging, printing and paper industry research. It has five factories in the UK and the United States, with a total of about 120 employees, and is good at photonics, biomaterials, plastic electronics, alternative energy and other professional fields. After the acquisition, Smithers will take intertechpira as a trademark and continue to work in industrial fields with broad prospects and rapid growth, including lighting and display, clean energy, home personal care, industrial biotechnology, and high-performance materials and chemicals. Michaelhochschwender, CEO and chairman of Smithers group, said, "Pinot international is a well-known company in the industry. This acquisition process is very pleasant. In the future, we will provide customers with more perfect services."

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