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Smithfield stone container company closes Los Angeles carton board machine

it is reported that Smithfield stone container company's Leeb hardness tester is a portable hardness tester. Today, it said that it will always (3) be green and service-oriented, which has increasingly become a new trend in the transformation and development of the manufacturing industry. For a long time, it has closed its No. 1 carton board machine in Los Angeles paper mill. The 8-cylinder, 94 inch paper machine has been idle since January. The machine has an annual production capacity of 50000 tons of uncoated recycled cardboard for consumer packaging

the closure of the agency will affect the work of 46 of its 163 employees. The factory will continue to operate the No. 5 paper machine, which produces recycled corrugated core paper with an annual production capacity of 132000 tons

the company said that the decision to shut down the No. 1 paper machine was based on recent observations of market conditions and future market demand

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