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Smartaisle modular data center solution has been certified

not long ago, Wei predicted that the scrap market will narrow the consolidation of smartaisle modular data center solution under veriv in the near future, and obtained the tier IV -ready certification issued by the authoritative Uptime Institute

tier IV ready certification is the highest level certification in the industry, which means that the certified solution has higher reliability and availability

the world's most authoritative evaluation standard for modular data center products

the launch of the tier ready certification program is the purpose of the Uptime Institute to establish a unified reliability standard for modular data center products. Its purpose is to evaluate modular data center products with tier rating, representing the evolution of modular data centers from solutions to products

users who purchase products with tier ready certification can understand the technical ability and reliability of the products at the beginning of purchase. From the lowest tier I to the highest tier IV, they can choose and buy products according to their actual needs

smartaisle modular data center solution obtained the highest tier IV certification this time. In the certification, Uptime Institute has carefully evaluated the smartaisle scheme based on many factors, including design specifications, site-specific information, network topology, mechanical and electrical components and many other aspects

through evaluation, the Uptime Institute found that the smartaisle scheme supports fault-tolerant design and has prominent features such as redundant capacity and modular design, which can enable the data center to play a potential role within the overall design requirements of tier IV certification

1-dna smart fusion core value rejects any short board

smartaisle solution is a high-performance solution based entirely on channel design and developed with advanced technologies such as modularization. With several cabinets as the basic unit, it integrates power supply and distribution system, energy-efficient air conditioning system, cabinet and monitoring system. It can provide high-quality data center overall delivery for network core and edge computing applications

smartaisle solution modules are prefabricated in the factory and can be disassembled flexibly, which can not only realize rapid installation and deployment, reduce construction costs, but also simplify the data center environment and save space

in terms of operation and maintenance, the scheme is equipped with high-quality products with excellent performance, which not only ensures the reliability of the computer room, but also greatly reduces energy consumption. At the same time, it can manage all resources in a unified way, significantly improve the operation efficiency, and make it more convenient for daily maintenance and future expansion

smartaisle scheme also has unique core technology value of 1-dna intelligent fusion

based on the strong advantage of having a complete product line, the product configuration of smartaisle solution is all from the vertiv product line, the product genes are consistent, and the agreement and cooperation between devices are all tested and seamlessly connected within the factory, which meets the stringent requirements of the data center for the coupling, linkage, emergency treatment, and comprehensive management and control of subsystem alignment with a level ruler, and there are almost no shortcomings, It not only improves the reliability of the solution, but also maintains a unified style in the appearance design

continue to deduce the best and successful practices of modular data centers

with leading performance advantages, smartaisle solutions have been widely used worldwide, and continue to deduce the best and successful practices of modular data centers

in the domestic market, smartaisle solutions are concentrated in key industries such as finance, communications, government, education, medical treatment, power, transportation, and its performance and quality have been improved by Tsinghua University, Guizhou power, Ruifeng bank, Guizhou tobacco, Luzhou Telecom, Xishuangbanna Telecom, xiong'an Unicom, Hohhot Unicom If the calibrated digital display and dynamometer display accurately determine the friction coefficient of plastic film, it becomes one of the necessary items for film and flexible packaging manufacturers. The difference is compared with the unanimous praise of customers from the people's Bank of Zhuzhou, Tianjian group, Jiangsu Taixing smart city and other industries

this time, it obtained tier IV ready certification, which fully proved that the smartaisle scheme, whether in terms of overall architecture, various product configurations, and actual operation performance, has reached the highest level certification standard in the industry, can bring excellent application experience to customers, and explains what is worthy of its name

about vertiv

vertiv designs, manufactures key infrastructure and management software and provides relevant services to ensure a good operating environment for core applications in data centers, communications, commercial and industrial facilities, and is committed to maintaining the true meaning of the digital world. Vertiv, formerly known as Emerson Network Energy Co., Ltd., provides power supply and distribution, thermal management and infrastructure management solutions for the current growing mobile and cloud computing market. Its flagship product brands include chloride, Liebert, netsure and trellis

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