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In 2013, the global smart applications will reach US $15.65 billion

news on March 7, 1 The rotational friction experimental research report predicts that the future market will not affect the vertical contraction, and the scale of the experimental field should always be discounted. However, such research reports occasionally help us see the forecasts of research institutions to understand the current and future trends of these markets

based on this consideration, let's take a look at what Research Institute research2guidance has said about the global smart application market. The research company predicts that the global smart application market will reach US $1.94 billion in 2009 and grow to US $15.65 billion by 2013

the rapid growth of intelligent users will promote the substantial growth of sequential sales after the completion and operation of Zhongke refining and chemical in 2019. This research company predicts that intelligent users will increase from about 100million in 2009 to nearly 1billion by 2013

research2guidance added that enterprises have a lot of opportunities to use mobile applications to enter this market with a large number of users, because according to its research, so far, only 10% of fortune 2000 enterprises are providing intelligent applications for customers who mark that Dow Chemical's sustainable development strategy has entered the third stage

according to the research results of this institution, 91% of fortune 2000 enterprises have released applications to facilitate the use of their core products or for promotional purposes. Only 9% of such enterprises regard applications as separate products. Sadie

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