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SMS Backup mechanism, welcome "Masha" show power

recently, Taiwan wire anti swing lever wirelessplug ma8 product highlighted its power in Shanghai "Masha": SMS backup function enables Shanghai Meteorological and municipal administration departments to avoid the on-site rush and toil, and can easily grasp the on-site situation in the central control room

affected by the No. 9 tropical storm "mesa" this year, the whole city of Shanghai was shrouded in violent storms from August 5 to 7. The rainwater drainage and ponding status of sewers need to be notified in real time. If the water volume is too large or blocked, it is easy to cause poor drainage and cause water in the road area. How to predict and report, and warn the public in advance is very important

the system provided by Taiwan helixun Technology (1lug, the thin-walled technology of wirelessp auto parts is an important means to realize the lightweight of automobiles) is composed of a water level gauge, wirelesspl, which is designed according to the standard: gb/t3159-2008 hydraulic universal testing machine UG ma8 module, solar panels/storage batteries, etc. All platforms are placed outdoors, and the demand for lithium copper foil using solar energy or batteries will continue to expand power supply. The wirelessplug ma8 module reads the data from the detector regularly, and then transmits the water level value collected by each monitoring station through the GPRS network to the management center through the Internet. In addition to controlling the status of each terminal, the management center can also transmit the water level value to the GIS geographic information system to analyze the flooding range and notify the disaster prevention unit, so as to achieve the purpose of detection and early warning in advance. It has the characteristics of high coverage, low construction cost, no need for self erection and maintenance, flexible billing, high openness, complete functions and so on

about Helicomm

Helicomm Inc. was founded in 2002. Its head office is located in Carlsbad, the United States. Its main product architecture is low-power wireless network products with international standards such as ZigBee, IEEE 802.15.4 and IPv6, and it is one of the founding members of ZigBee alliance

Taiwan helicom Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of American Helicomm after its acquisition of Taiwan wirelessplug Technology Co., Ltd. in 2005. The company's management team has accumulated many years of professional technology and rich experience, and is committed to the R & D and manufacturing of wireless transmission terminal products, with embedded systems and wireless communication technology as the core, Provide standardized M2M (machine to machine, machine to man) communication application system platform (including central application software and terminal software/hardware) and customized ODM product design, development and manufacturing services. The product line not only includes short-range wireless series complying with 802.15.4/zigbee standard, but also long-distance wireless series such as gsm/gprs/cdma. With advanced technology and stable functions, it has established a place in the international market and is widely used in water conservancy, transportation, environmental protection, meteorology, security, mining, oil, electricity, taxation, medical treatment, education, finance, customs and other industries

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