The hottest smartphone continues to rise in 2010,

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In 2010, the price of intelligence will continue to rise and fall.

3G commerce has made intelligence a favorite in the hearts of consumers. Dr. yingkaishi, chairman of it factory: "innovation makes us progress". Upstarts who seek profits from businesses and operators seize the sweet cake of users. Insiders pointed out that with the increase of intelligent shipments, the price of intelligence will show a downward trend in 2010

France's Le Figaro recently quoted relevant data to report that due to the rapid spread of the global financial crisis and the slowdown of the world economy, the global sales volume in the third quarter of 2009 was close to 290million units, down 4% from the same period in 2008 when the lower workbench and upper crossbeam were connected by two columns. The global sales market situation is still depressed. However, in China, due to the official issuance of 3G licenses, the sales volume in China in 2009, especially the intelligent sales volume, has shown a sharp opposite upsurge

with the continuous improvement of China's 3G construction, China's smart market attracted attention in 2010. Some institutions predict that with the increase of smart shipments and the intensification of competition, the price of smart may decline in 2010

in 2009, global sales were generally depressed, but the Chinese market was particularly good.

due to the weakness of the global economy caused by the financial crisis, global shipments in 2009 also decreased from 1.2 billion units in 2008 to 1.17 billion units. However, with the opportunity of 3G, China's shipments have bucked the trend against the background of the global economic crisis

with the issuance of 3G licenses by the Ministry of industry and information technology in 2009, China officially entered the 3G era. It is a new revolution for the communication industry. From strangeness to familiarity, from surprise to acceptance, up to now, in one year, three operators - Unicom's iPhone (I), mobile's ophone and telecom have staged a new "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" of intelligence

unlike the declining trend of 2G, 3G network operators have transplanted more Internet applications. The third generation based on 3G network has enough "space" to accommodate mobile multimedia services such as video calls, television, network payments, games, etc., which have accelerated the trend of intelligent development

some people in the industry said that with the successive launch of 1000 yuan 3G, the reduction of 3G tariff packages, the enrichment of 3G terminals and the diversification of 3G services, consumers' awareness and acceptance of 3G are increasing, which will lay the foundation for the rapid growth of 3G sales, and the 3G industry will enter a new stage of rapid development

the data shows that the growth rate of 3G intelligence in 2009 exceeded 20%. In the past 2009, intelligence represented by Apple iPhone and blackberry undoubtedly became the most popular terminals for mobile Internet applications. Apple even entered the ranks of the world's top five manufacturers with good market sales

iPhone's entry into China has set off a wave of star intelligence in China

data released by China Unicom on December 21 showed that by the end of November, there were more than 1.82 million 3G users. Due to some limited functions and high prices, the highly anticipated 3G terminal iPhone has sold 300000 units in two months since it was launched at the end of October

it is understood that the most fundamental reason why consumers are willing to pay a high premium to buy iPhone is the experience that iPhone brings to users beyond expectations

iphone is a representative of intelligence. Its most attractive features are its beautiful appearance and simple and flexible operation interface. The app store it carries covers more than 85000 kinds of application software, such as clothing, food, housing, transportation and entertainment. In addition to absorbing the advantages of traditional capacitive touch sensors, iPhone also has a multi touch function that represents the important development trend of human-machine interface. This design based on personalized needs has greatly attracted the attention of consumers. At present, there is a climax of chasing star intelligence in China

it is reported that intelligence and touch screen have become the highlights of the global market, and the two major manufacturers of intelligence have also performed well. Rim, the BlackBerry manufacturer, sold 8.3 million units in the third quarter, and its market share rose to 2.9% from 2% in the same period last year, which overcame the shortcomings of the traditional power cord twists and turns experimental machine. Apple relied on iPhone sales, with sales of 7.4 million units in the third quarter, and its market share rose to 2.6% from 2.3% in the same period last year

the latest report released by pyramid research, a telecom research organization, shows that driven by emerging markets, the proportion of smart sales in total global sales will rise to 37% in 2014, and China will overtake the United States to become the world's largest smart sales country in 2010

the smart market will continue to heat up, with prices falling or trends

as the domestic market continues to warm up, consumers' demand for intelligent personality continues to rise. It can be predicted that in 2010, the impact of the smart market will be greater and greater, and sales will continue to increase

according to Gartner's prediction, the shipment volume of smart market will increase from 179million in 2009 to 525million in 2012; According to the prediction of pyramid, the proportion of smart sales in total sales will continue to expand, which is expected to rise from 16% in 2009 to 37% in 2014. This will mean huge sales opportunities for manufacturers and service providers in the world, especially in emerging markets such as China

according to foreign media reports, with the increase of smart shipments, smart prices will show a downward trend in 2010. A recent study found that in 2007, only 18% of smart phones were priced below $200. This year, due to the poor performance of other components, the proportion has increased to 27%. ABI research predicts that 45% of smart phones will sell for less than $200 in 2014. This figure reflects the change of consumers' attitude towards intelligence, as well as the adjustment of manufacturers' and operators' sales and market strategies

at present, in the Chinese market, not only foreign giants, but also domestic manufacturers such as Lenovo and Coolpad have taken the development of intelligence as a sharp weapon to participate in market competition. At the same time, due to the huge profits in the intelligence market, it is also the key to seize the strategic importance of mobile Internet, and operators have also extended their tentacles here

for the market forecast in 2010, all parties have their own arguments. However, it is worth affirming that with the further recovery of the global economy, intelligence will inevitably lead the revitalization of the entire market. Communication message

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