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influence of temperature on [led]

each electronic component has a peak value that its temperature can accept. Any LED component has clear welding requirements and cannot be welded at will. Most manufacturers in Zhongshan are SMD LED manufacturers when selecting materials_ Anxing electronics, otherwise the LED will be damaged. Welding practice: the temperature of LED tip should not exceed 300 ℃, and the welding time should not exceed 3 seconds

in the welding process, attention should be paid to minimize the pressure of LED and the thermal shock to the chip. Zhongshan SMD LED manufacturer_ Anstar electronics, to prevent damage to the chip, prevent high-temperature trimming, and prevent the live welding of LED. When using LED, Zhongshan SMD LED manufacturer_ The temperature of Anxing electronics, lamp cap or heat conduction base should not be greater than 60 ℃, and attention should be paid to the impact of ambient temperature on the photoelectric performance of lamps

Anxing Electronics Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production and operation of optoelectronic components. Its main products are various types of neon lamps, led filament bulbs, LED light-emitting diodes. With exquisite technology and rich experience, the company provides a large number of excellent products for many industries such as electronics, electrical appliances, lamps, lighting, etc., and can design and manufacture special photoelectric products according to customer requirements, which solves many customer problems. Due to the stable and reliable quality, high brightness, long service life and good electrical performance of our products, our products have been sold at home and abroad

"customer-oriented and quality-oriented" corporate culture makes us closely related to customers. The trinity of component support, technology support and service support makes us always at the leading level in the electronic industry. All employees of the company sincerely hope to make friends with you and work together

damage of sterilization lamp

in order to seek benefits, businesses often do not clearly show the damage of sterilization lamp, which often leads to customers' lack of understanding of the damage of sterilization lamp, resulting in frequent incidents, such as sterilization lamp poisoning. Therefore, when purchasing sterilization tubes, they need to choose those with sanitary production license, authority and lampshade maintenance

the sterilization lamp uses the ultraviolet light declared by the mercury lamp to complete the sterilization and disinfection function. It declares a lot of ultraviolet energy. If effective maintenance measures are not taken, it will simply cause great damage to the human body. For example, when the exposed skin is illuminated by this kind of ultraviolet light, the light one will become red, swollen, itchy and peeling with equal emphasis on R & D and manufacturing. Overweight people will be sunburned or sun keratosis, and even lead to skin tumors and cancer. Ultraviolet rays can also damage human skin cells and make the skin age prematurely

in addition, the sterilization lamp is the "invisible killer" of the eyes. The illumination of the sterilization lamp will cause inflammation of the conjunctiva and cornea of the eyes, and lead to cataracts and other diseases

it is worth mentioning that some restaurants and families use small ultraviolet lamps to eliminate mosquitoes. Because their light-emitting principle is different from that of sterilization tubes, we don't have to worry

how to distinguish between true and false

sterilization tubes are usually used to disinfect bacteria, observe fluorescent and phosphorescent objects, etc. For example, when you get a larger denomination, you can use a sterilization lamp to distinguish the true from the false. Of course, there are also true and false sterilization lamps

in order to obtain huge profits, general bad businesses produce some purple lamps to replace sterilization lamps. The price of sterilization lamps is not high, the production cost is low, and the profit is high. These bad businesses produce fake and shoddy products for the sake of these profits, and we hate it

but now there are also good ways to easily identify the true and false ultraviolet rays. If a real sterilization lamp is turned on to illuminate the same one, how to choose it? How to judge the quality problem of the spring change testing machine? In the local area, it will take more than 30 seconds, and there will be some purple physical phenomena in this area, but if you illuminate the fake sterilization lamp together, the physical phenomenon will not appear for a long time. Because these fake sterilization lamps are purple lamps, there is no ultraviolet line at all, so be careful not to buy fake sterilization lamps

when using the sterilization lamp, we should always choose the voltage and current we want to use, as well as capacitors and transformers, because these things should be matched with the sterilization lamp. If it is not matched, the sterilization lamp tube may break and seriously hurt the body

led lamp beads but the manufacturers that normally produce the tube clamps of experimental machines have passed the national certification standards. How to do a good job in anti-static

in the production process of LED lamp beads, people pay special attention to a parameter that is often ignored: electrostatic discharge is the culprit of damaging led. It should be said that electrostatic damage is the natural enemy of electronic components, especially electrostatic sensitive components such as blue LED and white LED. Once damaged, the LED beads will be invalid or even scrapped, so it is necessary to do a good job in electrostatic protection

antistatic thinking of LED beads

static electricity will occur whenever different substances conflict or even separate, so static electricity cannot be prevented and can only be limited. Electrostatic discharge generates current. As long as the discharge is properly controlled, electrostatic damage can be reduced. The common method is to guide static electricity through grounding. Therefore, the workbench needs to establish a sound grounding system, and the static electricity on the non conductor can be neutralized by ionization

what should we pay attention to when protecting static electricity in LED occupation

1. Led beads are usually vacuum packed in antistatic bags. Do not open the package before use

2. When using LED light beads, electrostatic protection should be done well, such as wearing electrostatic protective clothing, wearing electrostatic bracelets, and grounding the workbench and soldering iron. Ion fans are recommended to qualified factories

3. Regularly check whether all electrostatic protection systems operate normally, such as appearance impedance tester, electrostatic tester, hand and foot ring tester, ion fan tester, etc

4. Recognize the antistatic ability of each LED bead and review the electrostatic protection system of the processing plant

the exterior of the sterilization lamp tube does not look significantly different from the general lamp tube. According to the practical application occasions, some of them will be designed as desk lamps. Some of them are like general energy-saving lamps. They don't know enough about sterilization lamps, and many products don't have clear symbols and implementation, so many people use them as general lamps, causing some adverse effects. This article will introduce the common sense of sterilization lamp and inform you how to use sterilization lamp correctly

One of the main functions of the sterilization lamp is to sterilize indoors at home. For example, if there are elderly people at home, pets or babies at home, they can often use sterilization lamps, which can effectively damage the DNA and RNA structure of bacteria, kill bacteria and inhibit the growth of bacteria. At the same time, sterilization tubes can also be used in some closed spaces, including refrigerators, wardrobes and cars

for places with poor lighting and ventilation in the family, ultraviolet sterilization lamps can effectively kill mites and other bacteria and create a healthy living environment

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