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Food for thought: Raors - Mallorca’s most desired fish - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

The little multi-coloured raor1,126,136 resolved, the dearest and most desired fish in Majorcan watersRestaurants and bars, should have been back on the slabs at the Mercat d’Olivar last week after Wednesday’s opening of the new season — but the fish stalls were bare and there wasn’t a raor in sightt be something that.

And it was because strong east winds caused maritime havoc and kept most amateur fishermen’s boats in port. The few that took a chance had a tough and rough time of it and gave up after a couple of hours with barely half a dozen raors to show for their windy efforts.

By Sunday I hadn’t seen a single raor on sale anywhere and as I am having to write today’s pages much earlier than usual, I have nothing to report on pricesThis is not right, this is no.

Before the start of the 2008 recession that hit everyone very badly (exceptThe force will be, as always, the mega-rich) prices for raors were starting off at as much as €98 a kilo. More recently the starting prices have been around €65 — still a whopper but a good deal lower than €98News Today || Canada News |.

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