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In summer in Chengdu, the weather is hot and the air is humid, so there are certain requirements for the material selection and construction technology of home decoration, so it can also test the quality of decoration materials and the craftsmanship of the construction team

the influence of weather on the floor

due to the characteristics of wood, solid wood floors always expand or contract with the change of environmental temperature and humidity. If we can't control the expansion and contraction of the floor, there will be headache problems such as floor deformation and arching. Especially in summer, the probability of floor problems will be higher, which requires floor users to pay more attention to the selection and maintenance of floors

when the indoor humidity is controlled at 50% - 70%, it is the most suitable humidity range for human body, and it is also the most suitable humidity environment for solid wood floor pavement. Only by controlling the indoor environmental humidity within this range can we ensure the relative stability of the original characteristics of solid wood flooring. Therefore, when the humidity pointer exceeds 70%, it is necessary to maintain indoor ventilation or turn on the air conditioner to reduce the humidity of the room and the floor; When the humidity is lower than 50%, wet the floor with a wet cloth that does not drip water for many times. Of course, controlling indoor air humidity is only one link of floor maintenance, but it is a very important link, because many problems caused by non-human factors after floor paving are related to it

as the saying goes, "three floors, seven maintenance". Although a series of floors such as holy elephant floor, nature floor and Anxin floor have overcome many disadvantages in floor installation and maintenance through technical updates, no matter how good the floor is, it cannot completely overcome the natural characteristics of wood. Only paying attention to scientific and reasonable maintenance in the process of floor use can ensure the stability of floor quality

brand flooring keeps improving

when choosing the quality of flooring, we should pay more attention. The multi-layer solid wood flooring of Saint Anderson has a variety of classic American styles, and each style provides a wealth of wood species, colors and surface effects. The exquisite surface technology, such as hand scraping technology, old paint technology, class Festival technology, wire drawing technology and smoking technology, is the distinctive feature of Anderson flooring. Nature solid wood flooring is also one of the best-selling brands in the industry. Their purpose is to provide users with excellent products and services, advocate a new life for the society, create a perfect quality of life, provide real health and environmental protection products, and benefit the people; Its quality adopts all natural imported raw forest materials and implements ISO9002 quality management system; The process technology adopts advanced six side sealing technology and unique processing technology, which is processed by fully computerized controlled steam drying, six coat paint spraying technology and ultraviolet baking technology. Anxin TT treads on the floor and uses EB technology to instantly cure the paint with an electronic beam 1000 times higher than the conventional energy. Therefore, the wear resistance of the surface of Anxin TT tread resistant floor is far more than that of similar floors in the market. At the same time, Anxin TT treadable floor also has super geothermal resistance. Due to the use of EB coating technology, the tensile strength and crack resistance of the surface layer are ensured, and cracks, wrinkles and other defects will not appear under normal use





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