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The overall wardrobe has gradually become the decoration choice of young people. It is very affordable to use one cabinet for multiple purposes.

if the bedroom area is large enough, installing a cloakroom is the favorite choice of many young people when decorating, and the overall wardrobe is a hot consumption spot. In Europe and the United States, the overall wardrobe is one of the necessary furniture for families. Although it has only entered the country in the past two years, it has quickly become popular. According to the designer of the overall wardrobe, the reason why the overall wardrobe is favored by consumers is that it can be industrialized and customized, and it is environmentally friendly, fashionable and professional

in the previous home decoration, there were no more than two ways for people to choose wardrobe: carpentry making on site and purchasing finished products. Compared with the two, the former can be customized, but the construction environment is poor, the quality is not easy to control, and the specialization is insufficient. The need for on-site paint is easy to cause decoration pollution; No doubt the finished product is beautiful, movable and of stable quality, but it cannot match the home space. The integral wardrobe not only absorbs the advantages of the two, but also makes up for their shortcomings. Its various standard parts can be combined to match various sizes and changes. In addition, it is factory production, simple and fast installation, and saves the time, labor and trouble of manual production. It is very suitable for the busy young people

another advantage of the overall wardrobe is to save space. At present, the overall wardrobe of the brand can be designed according to your needs. After being installed at home, it forms a feeling that the wardrobe is recessed into the wall. Not only can the interior be cut into clothes hanging space and placement space, but also the top space can be used for bedding or toys that children are tired of. Then through the choice of the color of the sliding door of the wardrobe, it can be integrated with the decoration of the whole room. If your bedroom is large enough, you can also use the overall wardrobe to design a walk-in cloakroom, with a stylish sliding door outside, and a private space will be created in this way. In addition, the overall wardrobe can also be designed into bookcases, lockers, wall cabinets, etc., which is really & ldquo; One cabinet multi-purpose & rdquo;。

the current popularity of integrated wardrobe is not only because it is very practical, but also has many advantages in economy. A netizen calculated an account on the forum, & ldquo; Apart from environmental protection, fashion, beauty, durability and so on, at present, in large and medium-sized cities, most of the overall wardrobe prices range from 260 yuan to 500 yuan/square meter (excluding sliding doors), for example, some high-end brands range from 400 yuan to 500 yuan. For the houses we buy, excluding the shared walls and balconies, the practical area is mostly more than 5000 yuan/square meter. According to the height of 2.7 meters, the price per cubic meter reaches 2000 yuan, How much money did the old furniture waste us





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