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When wooden doors become a necessity for the decoration of new houses, the wooden door market shows a posture of letting a hundred flowers bloom. Various brands, concepts and prices make consumers confused at once. Next, East Willim

when wooden doors become a necessity for new house decoration, the wooden door market shows a posture of letting a hundred flowers bloom. Various brands, concepts and prices make consumers confused at once. Next, dongweili wooden door will analyze several categories of wooden doors for you. Generally speaking, according to the differences in the structure of wooden doors, wooden doors can be divided into four categories: solid wood doors, solid wood composite doors, plywood doors and molded doors

solid wood door is a decorative door made of solid wood, which has three styles: full wood, half glass and full glass. From the perspective of wood processing technology, there are two kinds of logs and finger wood. Log solid wood doors are made of natural logs from the forest as the door core, and then scientifically processed through cutting, planing, tenoning, drilling, carving, shaping and other processes

the solid wood door has high requirements for process quality. Its advantage is that it is luxurious and beautiful, and its shape is thick. Through the integration of modern precision technology and traditional manual carving technology, the solid wood door is endowed with natural and lasting humanistic and artistic charm, reflecting noble, luxurious and classic artistic value. With the demeanor of a famous master and majestic, it is the identity of a successful person. However, the market price is on the high side, and it is the most high-end wooden door product in the market

the solid wood composite door is produced by mechanized assembly line and the solid wood composite process. The door edge is made of solid wood or fir vertical and horizontal three-dimensional skidding and various valuable solid wood veneers. The molding wood line is processed and manufactured by various valuable solid wood and scientific and technological processes. The door core board is made of medium density fiberboard or perforated particleboard

the solid wood composite door is stable for a long time, does not deform and does not crack. Its appearance is as natural and elegant as the full solid wood door, and there are more choices of materials and styles. The solid wood composite door solves the cracking and deformation of the door core plate due to seasonal changes, different average moisture content in different regions, the inherent dry shrinkage and moisture rise of wood and various differences, and even the shrinkage around the painted door core plate with white edges

the plywood door is made of solid wood, and both sides are glued and pressed on the frame with decorative plates, which are processed. Plywood door belongs to semi manual and semi mechanized production. The door core frame is mainly pine and blockboard. The style is single and very simple. It is a common manufacturing method for on-site processing of wooden doors. It is a low-grade product in wooden doors

molded doors are favored by middle-income families because they are more economical, safe and convenient than solid wood and solid wood composite doors. Molded doors are made of two high-density fiber molded doors with modeling and simulated wood grain by mechanical pressing. Because the door panel is hollow, the natural sound insulation effect is worse than that of the solid wood door, and the feel is also worse than that of the solid wood door




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