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In modern home life, it is a common practice to decorate the ground by laying floor tiles. However, there are many kinds of floor tiles, and there is a lot of room for choice. What are they? And what is the price of floor tiles now? Now let's talk about the types and prices of floor tiles

types of floor tiles

according to materials: floor tiles can be divided into wood floor tiles, plastic floor tiles, as well as tiles, ceramic tiles, floor tiles, semi porcelain and semi pottery. According to varieties, there are full body bricks, glazed bricks, full body polished bricks, vitrified bricks, infiltrated tiles, infiltrated polished bricks, etc

another division method of floor tiles is based on their laying position, which is divided into indoor tiles and outdoor tiles. Common indoor floor tiles include vitrified tiles, polished tiles, matt tiles, glazed tiles, printed tiles, non slip tiles, and special acid proof floor tiles (used for floors with high corrosion such as laboratories); Outdoor floor tiles are also divided into square tiles and lawn tiles

floor tiles have the common characteristics of solid texture, heat resistance, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, impermeability, easy cleaning, low water absorption, many color patterns, and good decorative effect. Among them, glazed printed tiles have a wide variety of colors, good physical properties such as hardness, etc., and occupy most of the market share of floor tile products. The original plastic floor tiles are relatively new materials in the near future

there are three types of common floor tiles: glazed tiles (including glazed antique tiles), polished vitrified tiles and all ceramic antique tiles. The combination of the glaze layer on the surface of glazed tiles is very close, and the water from the glaze cannot penetrate into the tiles. Its most prominent advantage is its favorable antifouling performance. Vitrified brick refers to the burnt ceramic tile, which has the characteristics of high hardness, high density and high flexural strength. All ceramic antique tiles have the advantages of high hardness of vitrified tiles and strong antifouling of glazed tiles. They are the best choice for kitchen floor tiles

price of floor tiles

after understanding the types of floor tiles, I believe everyone is very curious about the price of floor tiles, but the price of floor tiles of different brands and different materials is different. Therefore, Xiaobian has prepared the price of several well-known brand floor tiles for you, hoping to help you

I. price of Marco Polo floor tiles

Marco Polo wall and floor tiles (glazed tiles) b3318 quotation: ¥ 11 yuan/piece

Marco Polo wall and floor tiles infatuation 45908*45788*45069 Marco Polo floor tiles quotation: 31 yuan/piece

Marco Polo wall and floor tiles and series 95008db5* 95008db6 quotation: 43.50 yuan/piece

II Dongpeng floor tile price

Dongpeng years series lpa30702 floor tile Dongpeng floor tile price: ¥ 7/piece

Dongpeng years series lpa30403 floor tile Dongpeng floor tile price: ¥ 7/piece

Dongpeng lp30960 floor tile Dongpeng floor tile price: ¥ 20/piece

III Nobel floor tile price

Nobel classic w45 series t3305 floor tiles ¥ 4/piece

Nobel colorful series t38605 floor tiles ¥ 6/piece

Nobel complete vitrified stone solid color series l30500 floor tiles ¥ 6/piece

Nobel colorful w18 series w18608 floor and wall tiles ¥ 13/piece

Nobel Cezanne · Impression series y54955 floor tiles ¥ 26/piece

note: the above prices are for reference only

summary of the editor: the types and prices of floor tiles will be introduced here first. If you need to know more about floor tiles, please continue to pay attention, and more wonderful content will be presented in the future




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