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In order to make the kitchen more fashionable, beautiful and different, the owner will put forward various fashionable and beautiful requirements to the designer when decorating the kitchen

the designer pointed out that highlighting the functionality of the kitchen is the core of kitchen decoration. If various fashionable and aesthetic requirements are not handled well, they will become a beautiful burden on the kitchen, which will bring problems such as lampblack, deformation of some kitchen materials and so on

the open kitchen is beautiful but difficult to clean

now the owners have higher and higher requirements for the kitchen, and pay more and more attention to personalization. Therefore, in the house type design, in order to meet the needs of the owners, designers often increase the area of the kitchen, or directly connect the kitchen with the restaurant

when visiting the model houses of the real estate, the owners often see many imitations of foreign kitchen designs, such as designing the kitchen into a fashionable kitchen integrating meals, kitchens and guests. This kind of open kitchen design is very humanized. People who prepare delicious food always have their families in their sight. They can prepare delicious food and have a family relationship with their families at the same time

the open kitchen has strong aesthetics and humanized design. However, the cooking habits of Chinese people are very different from those of some western countries. A large amount of lampblack will be produced in the cooking process, and if these lampblack cannot be discharged in time, it will quickly spread to the restaurant or living room adjacent to the kitchen, which will not only affect the family members who are active in the restaurant and living room, but also increase the burden of cleaning these places and bring trouble to many families

the compromise is to "close" the cooking stove with glass plates that do not block the line of sight, and select a range hood with relatively strong power to block the spread of lampblack. "Even so, some oil smoke will still spread. Over time, the oil will adhere to the cabinet or wall of the kitchen, but at least there is no need to worry about the possible oil smoke problems in the restaurant and living room."

layout details affect kitchen life

at present, integrated kitchen utensils are becoming more and more popular in kitchen decoration, but some owners will find that although the overall kitchen utensils are convenient to use, there are often some problems. The design of the overall kitchen utensils will fully take into account the principles of ergonomics, fast working lines, moderate height, convenient use methods, and minimize the labor intensity of users. However, due to the lack of personalized design for each user, it is difficult to meet the needs of each owner. In addition, there are certain requirements for kitchen specifications, so at present, the DIY kitchen layout of some owners is more accepted by Jiangmen

when the owner arranges the kitchen in DIY, he often ignores some details, which affects the overall layout effect. Because they have accumulated some experience in daily use, owners generally have their own ideas on the layout of the kitchen, and ask designers to personalize the kitchen according to their own usage habits. The overall layout of the owner may be very suitable for his own use requirements, but some details are often ignored. For example, it is best to wash dishes close to windows with good light conditions, so as to ensure the light effect when washing vegetables and avoid mold breeding due to humidity when not using dishes; The stove should not be close to the window or the place greatly affected by the wind, so as to avoid the waste of gas and lampblack due to the lack of concentration of fire, which will affect the effect of lampblack emission. "In addition, most communities now have special flues for owners to discharge lampblack. When designing the lampblack pipe, we should consider the possibility of lampblack pouring back from the flue, and the interface between the lampblack hose and the flue should be sealed."

choose materials to reduce unnecessary trouble

there are more and more varieties of building materials in the market, and owners have more and more room to choose kitchen decoration materials, especially in the selection of some wall tiles, floor tiles, cabinet doors and countertops, many owners have a special preference for some fashionable and beautiful decoration materials. Walking into some model houses that brighten the eyes of the owners, pine countertops with rich rural style, floor tiles and tiles with colorful and different surface shapes, and personalized cabinet doors of various materials are widely used, which further stimulates the enthusiasm of the owners to use these fashionable building materials

the diversified and personalized use of kitchen materials is a trend at present, but we should still adhere to practicality. Some owners do not choose decoration materials according to their actual use needs of the kitchen, but excessively pursue the fashion of decoration materials. For example, using some tiles with various relief patterns on the surface can create various fashionable decoration effects for the kitchen, but if the kitchen produces more oil smoke when used, these tiles will become a heavy cleaning burden for users. "The uneven surface of these tiles can easily become a place to hide dirt and nourish bacteria."





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