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Double wire EDM wire cutting technology

for many die and mold enterprises, due to the rapid development of the market, on the one hand, we should try every means to reduce production costs, on the other hand, we should try every means to shorten the processing time. When they are fighting against time and cost, another partner - machine tool manufacturing enterprises are trying to help them improve product quality, output and product economy. Taking EDM manufacturers as an example, they are taking a variety of methods to reduce users' operating costs. These are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1 Improve the efficiency of EDM pulse power supply and reduce the overall energy consumption of equipment

2. It is emphasized to reduce the running speed of WEDM electrode wires and develop new EDM technology

3. Improve the machining accuracy of rough machining and reduce the times of trimming

4. Improve filament( φ 0.1mm or less) EDM brass electrode wire processing speed and precision, because in some applications, they can replace coarse wire( φ Above 0.2mm)

the above methods are very effective for improving machining efficiency. In addition, EDM wire cutting machine tool can also be regarded as a machining center to realize the automatic exchange of rough machining and finish machining electrode wires, which can also achieve the purpose of improving efficiency and reducing cost

meet the requirements of Small Radius Fillet machining

when the workpiece is processed by wire cutting, the double wire EDM wire cutting system should first use coarse wire to EDM the contour with large internal radius, and then automatically change to fine wire for small contour and finish machining, and complete the machining of small half diameter fillet (Fig. 1)

Figure 1 thick wire cutting method can not meet the requirements of small radius machining

from Figure 2, it can be seen that the cost of using double wire cutting technology to produce new energy passenger cars is much higher than that of automobile enterprises, and the benefits in cost saving are obvious. Usually, this part can only be used in its entirety φ It takes a lot of time to process electrode wires with a diameter of 0.1mm, and it is time-consuming and very troublesome to convert electrode wires with different diameters on ordinary EDM machine tools, so it is difficult to ensure the machining accuracy

Figure 2 the use of double wire cutting technology can save processing time

meet the requirements of multi shape processing

EDM machine tools are required to process the internal and external contours of many parts. In the application field shown in Figure 3, many small parts inside and outside the workpiece have rounded corners with small radii. If the workpiece is processed on an ordinary EDM machine tool, at least two methods can be used to solve the processing problem of the workpiece:

Figure 3 uses the wire cutting technology with different diameters to process a variety of parts

1 The external and internal contours are finished by filament machining

2. The inner contour is cut with fine wire, and then replaced with coarse wire manually to complete the cutting of the outer contour. This process may achieve faster cutting speed, but the time will be lost due to the replacement of electrode wire, and the cost will be increased due to the replacement of wire. On most EDM machine tools, it is a time-consuming process to replace the electrode wire, and in the actual replacement process, the guide position of the electrode wire needs to be readjusted

if the double wire EDM machine tool (Fig. 4) is used, another different processing method can be used for processing: first, if the part to be processed is small enough, the inner contour can be coreless cut with thick wire. Then, the double wire machining system is used to automatically convert the electrode wire into fine wire, and finish cutting the internal contour. Finally, it was replaced with coarse wire to complete the external contour processing of the parts in july2013

Fig. 4 fi2050tw precision CNC wire cutting machine tool

special attention should be paid here: since the guide position of electrode wire may change during electrical machining, if two kinds of electrode wires with different diameters are used for high-precision machining of small parts, the after-sales service Tel.: 0531 (8) 7566760, then the operator must, Verify the position of each electrode wire (this process can be performed automatically). In addition, when machining large parts, in order to avoid inaccurate positioning caused by material deformation of the workpiece during EDM, coarse wire can be used to roughen the external contour of the workpiece before machining the internal contour

give full play to the advantages of electrode wire performance

with the rising cost of electrode wire materials, the advantages of double wire EDM cutting system will become more and more obvious. Because the workpiece can be processed by using the double wire EDM system, the high-performance galvanized electrode wire can be used to easily complete the rough machining, so the material performance requires representative machining tasks, and then it can be automatically replaced with the more economical brass electrode wire for finish machining. In this way, the combination of two electrode wires can make full use of the advantages of the processing speed of galvanized electrode wires

three different methods are used to cut the same 60mm tool steel workpiece with high precision and high surface roughness requirements. The processing results are shown in the table. In this application field, the cost saved by using two different electrode wires is very obvious. Table three different wire cutting methods are used to process 60mm tool steel workpiece

always maintain perfect processing quality

in addition, some double wire EDM systems can make the surface roughness of the workpiece reach ra0.05 μ M level. In order to achieve such a surface roughness level, high-quality galvanized electrode wire must be used for processing. But this φ The price of 0.2mm high-quality galvanized electrode wire is usually 60% higher than that of brass electrode wire. In order to reduce the operation cost, brass electrode wire can be used in rough machining, and galvanized electrode wire can be used in finish machining. In this way, the coarse wire can not be used for the rough machining of the thick workpiece, and then the fine wire can be used for the final finishing machining, which can make the high price electrode wire used in the finishing cutting effectively

a high degree of automation of the machine tool is required to realize the above processing. Two rolls of electrode wires less than 8kg can be installed at the front of the fi2050tw machine tool (Fig. 5), and one roll of electrode wires of 16KG or 25kg can be installed at the rear. In this way, the double wire system enables the machine tool to automatically change from one coil of wire to another

Figure 5 fi2050tw machine tool adopts dual wire digital control technology


the automatic wire change capability of dual wire EDM system is very suitable for the application field of multi diameter electrode wire processing. With the rising cost of electrode wire, in order to improve the performance of precision EDM wire cutting machine and reduce its production cost, it is generally believed that double wire cutting technology can be popularized as a powerful production method. (end)

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