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Packaging industry double exhibitions: foreign enterprises are optimistic about China's packaging market. Zhang dailei and Zhang Jiansong of Xinhua Shanghai channel said on June 14 that the 2007 China International processing and packaging machinery and equipment industry exhibition and 2007 China International Beverage and liquid food technology exhibition were held in Shanghai at the same time. More than 300 domestic and foreign manufacturers brought leading technologies to the exhibition. Some foreign exhibitors expressed that they are very optimistic about China's packaging market, hope to cooperate with Chinese enterprises, and are willing to provide technical support to their Chinese counterparts

the organizer said that dozens of technology suppliers from Britain, the United States, Canada, Germany, Switzerland and other countries participated in the exhibition. The future aviation composite materials involved in filling and filling will have the following three major trends: filling, sealing, cartoning and other packaging technologies. Abb, Bosch, Siemens and other international well-known technology suppliers have brought their own leading equipment and technology, which shows that they attach importance to the Chinese market

during the exhibition, Rexroth group, a subsidiary of Bosch group, presented a series of latest components and overall packaging automation solutions to the Chinese packaging market for the first time. Bominjie, director and general manager of Bosch Rexroth China, said that Bosch Rexroth group has noticed the rapid development of China's food, medicine, tobacco, household chemicals and other industries. Users in these industries have put forward new requirements in terms of product diversification, accelerating the upgrading speed and controlling operating costs. Therefore, the group has gathered its advantages in the field of transmission and control and hopes to bring better solutions to Chinese enterprises

it is reported that the latest components that Bosch Rexroth has shown to domestic users this time include: personalized conveyor belts that can be used in the field of packaging machinery, various pneumatic valves with high safety standards, decentralized servo drives for packaging machinery, etc. The overall packaging automation solution provided by the group can help packaging machinery manufacturers shorten the characteristics of accurate procurement process data, reduce production costs and overcome more technical difficulties

an exhibitor of a Japanese food packaging enterprise also said that Chinese people now pay attention to healthy food structure and the consumption concept of safety and environmental protection. Therefore, international packaging forms, packaging machinery, containers and materials have a good market in China

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