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"Double 11" express is expected to exceed 1billion packaging cartons, which are in short supply. E-commerce merchants have made troubles. Release date: Source: e-commerce editor: Yu Jia browsing times: 2614 copyright and disclaimer

core tip: relevant people from the national post office said that according to the forecast, the total express processing volume of the whole industry during the "double 11" period this year will reach a new level, which is expected to exceed 1billion pieces. However, the shortage of packaging cartons has led to the worry of businessmen who were originally eager to fight

<1 year ago p> [China Packaging News] at the "double 11" node, in addition to preparing goods, merchants will also prepare transportation materials and packaging in advance. But this year's situation has made many businesses difficult. With the rapid rise of paper prices, the cost of cartons has also increased a lot, and even sales have been cut off. Even the most common corrugated boxes are in short supply in the market

a relevant person from the State Post Office said that according to the forecast, the total express handling volume of the whole industry during the "double 11" period (11..16) this year will reach a new level, and it is expected to exceed 1billion pieces. However, the shortage of packaging cartons has led to the worry of businessmen who were originally eager to fight

the supply of corrugated boxes exceeds the demand, and the ready packaging of products is difficult.

since the G20 meeting, the rising price of paper in Zhejiang has had a lot of impact on relevant industries. This year is also known as the "strictest year for environmental protection", and enterprises that do not meet environmental protection requirements have been severely punished

this directly affects the cost of processing, printing and other industries. According to a person in charge of a printing factory in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, the price of paper has been rising since the G20. "At that time, the increase was about 30%-40%. This environmental protection supervision has made the price of paper rise again by about 30%."

the price of corrugated boxes has also gone up, affecting many e-commerce businesses. According to the quotation of a carton factory in Fuzhou, the unit price of postal standard box No. 2 was 2.19 yuan in October 2016, and has risen to 2.75 yuan by 2017. The unit price of box 3 also increased from 1.65 yuan to 2.09 yuan. The price increase of other models was slightly different, with an average of about 0.3 yuan

peitaohui, a friend of xinnongtang, said that the price of base paper has reached 6000 yuan per ton and is still rising, and the packaging cartons are also floating at the same time. "Last year, the cartons with the same weight of grams at least doubled." Although the lowest weight carton was finally adopted, the increase was as high as 80%

"with folding, labels and other packaging materials, the packaging cost doubled compared with last year, close to 7 yuan." Peitaohui said that when calculating the logistics, labor and other costs, there is basically no profit. "For products ordered by customers in advance according to the pricing, this time because the price of cartons has risen sharply in a short time, each piece of goods will have to be pasted back for 60 cents."

Ms. Li, a mooncake merchant in Tianjin, was even more seriously affected. 4000 pieces and 2000 pieces had been ordered, but the packaging was delayed. Now the moon cakes have been out for a month, but the packaging is still half full

implement the Paris agreement with the state and carry the banner together

in addition to the impact of the G20 meeting on the paper industry in Hangzhou and even Zhejiang Province, the main factor for the price rise of corrugated boxes before the "double 11" also stems from the state's control over environmental protection

the Environmental Protection Bureau has strictly implemented the environmental protection standards this time. All production plants that do not meet the standards will be stopped or even closed down. We will never tolerate factories that start work quietly and illegally. Even the workers should bear the responsibility. The Tianjin area where Ms. Li is located is particularly strict and has basically fallen into production suspension

the closure of thousands of carton manufacturing enterprises must also start from the implementation of the Paris Agreement. China is committed to the full implementation of the agreement. Since the Paris agreement came into force in november2016, many environmental remediation actions have been carried out in China, and the intensity has been increasing. Both the state and the enterprises have shouldered the banner and jointly established the image of a big country

in April, the action plan for prevention and control of water pollution was released. Among the small industrial enterprises with low equipment level and poor environmental protection facilities that need to be comprehensively investigated, among the production projects that have been banned by the state, the paper industry bears the brunt, and printing and other packaging links are also among them. Most of China's top ten pollutants, such as noise, supermarkets, dust and water pollution, also come from paper and printing plants

merchants are seeking packaging reform, and maximizing profits is still left to consumers.

not only does the State Environmental Protection Administration take a tough attitude, but also merchants are trying to use their wisdom to change the quality award of Harbin mayor in 2015. In addition to the severely affected merchants like Ms. Li, many merchants can overcome the difficulties of packaging cartons before the "double 11" through some internal coordination changes

Fox, the founder of waigua products, said, "this year's price of packing cases can be said to have risen violently, and the year-on-year growth has almost doubled." The postal standard boxes in the store are used from No. to No. and on average, more than 40000 corrugated boxes are used in a month. Most of them are No. 5 and No. 6. About 20000 or 30000 were used on the double 11 last year. The corrugated boxes of these two sizes have also increased from 0.96 yuan and 0.79 yuan to 1.19 yuan and 0.99 yuan since October 2016

"this year, we have stocked 100000 boxes of these two models for the double tenth day, and they have been taken out of the factory to be made." In response to the price increase, fox mainly chose to stock up on some price nodes. Now it has set a double stock volume for the "double 11" of last year, which shows that the N-t and J-T curves are also to cope with the price that may continue to rise. "This time, we checked the environmental protection and shut down many manufacturers. Now it can be said that the price is starting from the ground, and the price may be higher and higher in the future."

for the increase of packaging cost, waigua products currently choose to sacrifice their own profits. "In the future, for some goods that can use express bags, we will try our best to reduce the number of corrugated boxes so that the test values can be printed out and used." Fox said that if the price range continues to rise, it will inevitably have an impact on commodity prices

congruent model enterprises such as liangpin store choose their own mature packaging box suppliers to control the production cost of cartons from the source. "In the past, there was a certain space in our packaging, or there was a large space left. In the future, the packaging will be more reasonable and the selection model of the box will be reduced." The person in charge said that although the cooperation was mature, the corrugated boxes were also greatly affected by the rise in paper prices this time, and the initiative to save packaging costs would be the main direction at present

as for the upcoming "double 11", the merchants said that they would not increase the price. Home appliance brands such as puppy electric appliance also said that the relatively mature packaging box cooperation link has taken into account the "double 11" demand in advance, so it will not be affected, or even do not have to stock up a large number of cartons. Consumers can still "cut their hands" at ease in this year's "double 11"

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