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Double ring drive: creating a global leader in specialized gear parts manufacturing double ring drive: creating a global leader in specialized gear parts manufacturing guide: changing the pattern of self-sufficiency in the gear industry and becoming a global leader in gear parts manufacturing is the corporate vision of Zhejiang double ring drive Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as double ring drive). Now, with the help of landing in the capital market, the double ring transmission has become a specialized and large-scale gear manufacturer

"changing the pattern of self-sufficiency in the gear industry and becoming a global leader in gear parts manufacturing" is the corporate vision of Zhejiang Shuanghuan Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shuanghuan transmission"). Now, with the help of landing in the capital market, the double ring transmission is getting closer and closer to becoming a professional and large-scale gear manufacturer

recently, the double ring drive has been approved by the CSRC and will soon enter the small and medium-sized board market in Shenzhen. According to the data, the double ring transmission plans to issue 30million shares this time, and the total share capital after the issuance is 118.8 million shares. The funds raised in this offering are intended to be invested in the Zhejiang Shuanghuan transmission gear expansion project and the Jiangsu Shuanghuan capital increase and production expansion gear project, with a total investment of 532million yuan. A total of 400million yuan is required to be invested in the raised funds with good wear resistance, electrical insulation, natural aging resistance and temperature resistance. After the project invested by the raised funds is put into operation, the company's production capacity and production level will be further enhanced, and its market competitiveness will be further improved

the market is dangerous! Retail investors should leave as soon as possible? Which stocks are worth buying? Some stocks are likely to rise 50%! Great changes have taken place in institutional funds. Double ring transmission, established in 2006, is a joint-stock enterprise specializing in the production of automobile gears, motorcycle gears, electric tool gears and engineering machinery gears. Relying on "specialized mass production" and the business philosophy of "better, better", the company stands out in China's gear industry and has become one of the largest and most powerful gear manufacturers in China

after years of development

double ring drive can now produce more than 4000 types of gear parts. Its main customers are large-scale vehicles at home and abroad? Complete machine manufacturer. According to the statistics of China gear professional association, among the domestic gear parts professional manufacturers, the company ranked second in 2007 and first in 2008; Among the manufacturing enterprises in the gear industry, the market share of the company ranked No. 7 in 2007 Voltage regulator: 20 places at 0~100v, ranking 15th in 2008

double ring transmission adheres to the road of professional mass production, and always insists on only making gears, not gearbox assembly. At present, a product pattern has been formed, which is dominated by automobile gears and based on motorcycle gears, and comprehensively develops sewing machine gears, engineering machinery gears and electric tool gears

double ring transmission has positioned itself in the field of specialized gear parts manufacturing, focusing on the manufacturing of gear parts, and has accumulated unique professional advantages in the industry for a long time. The company faces different gear design and production requirements of many types of customers. The multi domain nature of the products brings mutual exchange and grafting of product development technologies, which is conducive to improving the technological innovation ability; The sharing of manufacturing and purchasing resources is conducive to reducing the manufacturing cost of products; The continuous enrichment, updating and upgrading of the product structure has effectively avoided the market risk of a single product and steadily improved the profitability; The superposition of these factors reflects the company's unique comprehensive competitive advantage and strong anti risk ability

technological innovation and advanced manufacturing equipment and processes ensure the specialization and scale of double ring transmission production. In August, 2009, double ring drive was recognized as a high-tech enterprise. At present, the company has 7 utility model patents and 1 design patent

double ring drive has been vigorously promoting the research and development of new products and the improvement of process technology. According to the needs of customers and the development trend of the industry, it reserves and promotes the projects under research. The company has cooperated with Chongqing University Key Laboratory for the development of national 5 gold tool torque testing equipment and other units. Its technical center was rated as a provincial enterprise technical center in 2008. The company has advanced manufacturing and testing equipment in the industry and a strong workforce, with strong gear manufacturing technology strength and strong new product development ability. The company has a number of well-known experts in the industry, who have served as members of the national Heat Treatment Standardization Technical Committee, members of the small module gear professional committee of China gear Association, and members of the automobile gear processing Committee of China Automobile Industry Association

in addition, the double ring drive has more than 1000 advanced equipment at home and abroad, such as Gleason CNC high-efficiency gear hobbing machine and zh-125 powerful gear honing machine of the United States, razor grinder of Gleason Hult company of Germany, Kapp high-precision gear grinding machine of Karp company, Qinghe CNC high-efficiency gear hobbing machine of Japan, low-pressure vacuum carburizing and quenching furnace of ECM company of France, YK7232 and yk7236 worm gear grinding machines, yh601cnc spiral bevel gear milling machine, heat treatment continuous line, etc; In addition, it also has German fully automatic CNC gear measurement centers P26 and P40C, domestic jd26s measurement center, ncf1086 CMM, roundness meter and profile roughness meter of British Taylor company, arl3460 spectrum analyzer of American thermoelectric company, hob tester, jx13 universal tool microscope, physical and chemical testing equipment, flaw detector, etc. The above equipment is at the leading level in the same industry in China, and covers the whole process of gear R & D, production, test and detection, providing a guarantee for improving processing accuracy, production efficiency and maintaining product quality stability

at present, double ring drive products have been widely used in major vehicle and main engine plants in China, including FAW, ERW, SAIC, Tianqi, Jiangling, Beijing Hyundai, Chery, northern Benz, and exported to North America, Europe, South Korea, the United States and other countries. Specialized large-scale production has made double ring transmission a banner in the industry, and has also won the respect of customers and peers

double ring drive always puts the improvement of production organization efficiency in the primary position of enterprise development, and continuously introduces advanced management concepts. Since 2006, the company has implemented TPS (Toyota Lean production management mode) management system to track and monitor the whole production process, test and control the product quality of each process, maintain the logistics balance in production, implement lean management, and maximize the profits of the enterprise. The company not only hired experts from Toyota to guide the TPS promotion, but also provided excellent production management personnel to implement the TPS promotion. The production cycle of the company was significantly shortened and the timely delivery rate was significantly improved. At present, the company has passed ISO9001:2000, ISO14001:2004, iso/ts16949:2002 and other quality system certifications. The product quality is in a leading position in the industry and has been unanimously recognized by customers

with its specialized mass production and advanced management concept, the double ring drive not only won a broad market, but also will realize its dream of being a pioneer in the world's specialized gear parts manufacturing

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