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The two products of tapai won the "Oscar" brand award for lubricants

double crown plus body, two products of tapai won the "Oscar" brand award of lubricating oil

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a new beginning and a new era. On the "Oscar" of the lubricating oil industry held a few days ago - lubtop2017 general evaluation of China's lubricating oil industry, taipuai has made another brand success, and the two main cutting-edge products, "taipuai transmission oil" and "lewilu natural gas engine oil" have both won the award of "lubtop2017 most popular user welcomed other automotive oil"! This is not only the industry authority's full affirmation of tapai focusing on quality, but also the extreme demonstration of tapai brand quality and market tension. Winning the "Oscar" of the industry this time is the milestone witness of the high-end development of tapai in 2017 and the best New Year gift of tapai

the revila natural gas engine oil series won this award includes a complete natural gas lubrication and maintenance product line, including Revil G8 and G2 that meet the dual fuel lubrication needs of natural gas and diesel, and Revil G6 and G1 engine oils that meet the lubrication needs of natural gas engines according to the energy saving practice in Japan. Lewilu natural gas series products have excellent anti-oxidation and anti nitrification capabilities, effectively control carbon deposition and oil sludge, inhibit oil degradation, keep gas valves, pistons and spark plugs clean, meet the lubrication requirements of mainstream OEM manufacturers such as Benz, Volvo, Mann and Cummins, and can provide reliable lubrication solutions for diesel and natural gas hybrid fleets and other users

grasp the demand trend, dare to be the first in the market, stick to the enterprise, tapai actively innovates products, and the leweilu natural gas series products created with the concept of environmental protection, stand on the height of humanity, shape the brand image, have excellent performance, and are deeply trusted by car owners

the reduction of inertia is the square of the reduction ratio.

tapai transmission oil series products are refined with patented formula and proprietary technology by selecting high-quality synthetic base oil and new additives in strict accordance with the special process requirements of transmission oil. This series covers ATF 540, ATF 660, ATF 670 and ATF 987 automatic transmission oils for 4-speed, 5-speed, 6-speed, 7-speed, 8-speed and 9-speed automatic transmissions, cvtf B78 and cvtf a high accuracy S8 automatic transmission oils for stepless automatic transmissions, DCTF 70W and DCTF 60d automatic transmission oils for dual clutch transmissions, MTF 75w-90 and psf-8 advanced power steering oils for manual transmissions, etc; API of American Petroleum Institute and automobile of America decreased by 18.43% year-on-year. SAE, AGMA, ACEA, MB, BMW, Porsche, VW, GM and other international industry certifications and automobile OEM certifications are available. They meet the strict requirements of international ISO standards, German DIN standards, Japanese jaso/jik standards and Chinese GB standards. The product performance is clearly divided, It can meet the transmission lubrication requirements of most models

relying on the core technology of transmission system and automatic transmission lubrication, tapai has carried out a lot of local development work on the basis of the core formula in the United States and in view of the characteristics of Chinese vehicle conditions, road conditions and demands. It is the brand that currently holds the most patents for transmission oil

as the world's largest automobile country, China connects 200million car owners and has a post market scale of nearly trillion cars. Tapai has always adhered to its long-term commitment to the Chinese market, always taking providing Chinese users with high-quality lubricating products as the basis for development and focusing on product quality. This time, we won the "double" award in the "Oscar" in the lubricant industry, which fully demonstrates the strong R & D strength of tapai and its confidence in providing the best lubrication service for Chinese car owners

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